The ultimate water ionizer buying guide

water alkalizer

What is water ionizer?

A water ionizer is an electronic home appliance, the size of a toaster; that is used to raise the pH of water from acidic state to an alkaline state.

How a water ionizer work

this is how a water ionizer work
Source :Ocean Geothermal

The water ionizer raises the pH of water by a process called electrolysis. Don’t worry about the sophisticated jargon associated with chemical processes; I will explain this in the simplest way possible. Here we go!

The controlled low voltage electrolysis process separates the incoming tap water stream into two components, that is; acidic and alkaline components.

The alkaline stream of water that comes out of the water ionizer machine is what we call alkaline water.

First stage is to hook up your water ionizer machine to your kitchen water supply using a special attachment to redirect water out of the faucet into the alkaline water machine. The next stage is the filtration stage.

The water inside the alkaline water machine is filtered of all common pollutants found in city water .The filtration stage happens before electrolysis takes place. After filtration, the fairly clean water is then made to pass into a chamber .The chamber is the one that houses the platinum-coated titanium electrodes used for electrolysis. The platinum coated titanium electrodes are in two types; the positive electrodes and the negative electrode.

Positive ions gather at the electronically charged negative electrode whereas the negative ions gather at the electronically charged positive electrode. The water made from the cathode is called reduced ionized water or alkaline water. The water made from the anode is called oxidized or acidic water.

how a water ionizer works

The overall chemical reaction of how your regular tap water is ionized is as follows:

2 H2O (l)→ 2 H2 (g) + O2 (g)

The chemical reaction that happens on the cathode to produce the alkaline water that we need for drinking is as follows:

2 H2O + 2e →H2 + 2 OH

As you can see from the equation above, the water now has an increased amount of hydroxide (OH-) ions. The hydroxide ions are the ones that raise the PH of water in the water ionizer machine to make it alkaline.

To make the oxidized water or acidic water that we need for cleaning purposes, the chemical reaction at the anode is as follows:

2 H2O → 4e +O2 + 4 H+

From the equation above, you can see that there is now an increased amount of H+ions. The hydrogen ions (H+) are the ones that reduce the Ph. of water to make it more acidic.The electrolysis process performed by the water ionizer machine reduces the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of your water.

It sounds like a fancy term right! Let me explain the term in detail below.

Oxidation Reduction Potential of a substance; whether its water or a mineral; is a figure that stands for the ability of that substance to oxidize or reduce oxidation within your body. In case you don’t understand what oxidation is, it is a process that takes away or ‘steals’ electrons from a substance. You should have seen this process happening in nature when rust develops on metal or when apples turn brown.

Back to the human body, oxidation is a destructive process that ‘steals’ the electrons of your DNA, proteins and cells just to mention a few. Oxidation uses what we call free radicals to take the electrons from your tissues, DNA, proteins etc.

By the way, free radicals are a by-product of cell metabolism. Being a by-product means the free radicals are constantly being produced inside your body for life. The low ORP water produced by the water ionizer machine reduces the ability of the free radicals to attack your DNA, body tissues, proteins just to mention a few.

This is how low ORP water reduces the ability of free radicals to attack your body: Low ORP water achieves this by giving electrons to the free radicals so that they won’t take the electrons from your DNA, tissues etc.On the Oxidation Reduction Potential scale; a negative value means a substance is an antioxidant while a positive should mean it is an oxidant.

At the end of all these processes inside the water ionizer machine; alkaline (reduced) water will come out of the faucet while the acidic (oxidized) water is drained out of the alkaline water machine via a separate hose.


A water ionizer machine is a concept that started becoming popular in Japan and other eastern countries before they entered the US and UK markets.

Because these machines are expensive, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge on the different types available and how different they are .This enables you buy the best alkaline water machines at the best price possible. Below I will explain the most important features to look for in a water ionizer machine.

One of the most important features to look out for is the warranty. You can’t afford to buy a $1700 alkaline water machine with a warranty of less than 5 years; the machine is a very valuable investment.

The benefits of the water ionizer on your body are beyond what you can believe. The benefits ranges from energy boost to detoxification.

The full benefits are going to be outlined in detail below. In this article I am going to review some of the best and curated water ionizer machines with varying price ranges. At the end of this article, I am going to compare these water ionizer machines side by side so that you can make a more informed decision when buying one.

With so many water ionizer machines on the market today, it might be overwhelming to choose the right one without being fleeced of your hard earned money. If you are still new to the concept of water ionization,many companies might take advantage of you with misleading claims and buying guides on their water ionizers.

As a water expert, I am going to make the water ionizer machine comparison a whole lot easier by showcasing only the best water ionizers curated across the web.

Factors to consider when you buy an alkaline water machine

Length of Warranty and the return policy

check the warranty of the water ionizer before you buy

The alkaline water machine should have at least 5 years warranty although 10 years is pretty standard .Anything below this should be a red flag,something won’t be all that good .In most cases the plates should have a lifetime warranty.

A generous warranty ensures that you have peace of mind. You should be so sensitive about the warranty because most good quality water ionizers cost around a thousand dollars on average. The price tag makes it more of a lifetime investment.

You should watch for exceptions to the return policy

Also watch for the restocking fees as some companies charge exorbitant fees when you return it back.

Reputation of the manufacturer

Check for the reputation of the company via online marketplaces like Amazon. The online marketplace allows verified customers to review the products that are sold on their marketplace. There you will get honest reviews on the water ionizer and the company itself.

If you read Amazon reviews and you are still not satisfied with the manufacturer’s reputation, jump to Business Consumer Alliance .The Business Consumer Alliance is the place to go online when you doubt the reputation of the company .There you can weed out companies with poor customer satisfaction.

On Business Consumer Alliance you should pay much attention to customer complaints regarding warranties. Still on checking reputation of the company on Business Consumer Alliance, pay special attention to Company Brand or Company name. The company might change its name constantly to avoid honoring warranties on the water ionizer machines, so be on the lookout for scams.

Quality and number of the plates

The plate is exactly where the electrolysis takes place.  So make sure you pay special attention to the number and quality of the plates. However some companies use the ‘number of plates’ tactic to up-sell their plates with the alkaline water machine on the market today are 3 plate types and that is a 3 plate, 5 plate and 7 plate models.

Some companies now have 9 plate models and even 11 plate models.

The plate number concept works this way: the more the number of plates, the more powerful the alkaline water machine is. This is only true up to a certain point.

Water ionizer machines with 3 plates are the economy type and are weak as they cannot produce water with lower Ph. which is needed for cleaning purposes. So a 3 plate water ionizer machine is sufficient if you intend to use it for drinking purposes only.

The 5 plate models are the medium strength water ionizer machines. This particular model can give you the acidic cleaning benefits as well as low ORP drinking water benefits.

If you are buying the alkaline water machine for drinking water and cleaning purposes, a 7 plate model is more than enough.

Buying 9 plate or 11 plate models for drinking and cleaning purposes might be overkill. Most manufacturers are selling water ionizers with unnecessary number of plates as a manipulative sales tactic. The more the number of plates the ionizer machine has, the more expensive it gets

Water ionizer plate types

water ionizer plates

There are 4 types of water ionizer plates available on the market so far. I will outline these types in detail below

  1. Drop-forged Matrix Grid plates

It is the latest electrolysis plate technology so far. As the name suggest, the plates have a grid like pattern. The grid like pattern allows water not just to flow through the plates, but to flow through the plates.

When water flows through the plates, the water is in contact with the electrolysis plates for a longer period of time than it is with solid plates. When water is in contact with the plates for a longer period of time, there is a huge boost in the ORP and Ph. levels.

Matrix grid plates boost the ORP and Ph. levels by 10%-15% more of what solid plates would achieve.   They might look a little bit similar to meshed plates but they are much stronger.

The difference between matrix and mesh plates is that matrix grid plates are drop-forged out of titanium whereas mesh plates are stamped out of titanium.

Forging refers to a process used in industries to make tools and metal parts stronger.The matrix grid plates are dipped 8 times in medical grade platinum so as to guarantee purity and strength of the plates and the water ionizer in general.

The forged grid style of the plates makes them lighter than solid plates without compromising on the strength. The grid style makes the water ionizer much lighter in general.

To date, the forged Matrix grid plate type is the toughest and most durable electrolysis plate type that can be found on a water ionizer. If you have much more to spend on a water ionizer machine, I highly recommend you to buy one with the Drop-forged Matrix Grid plates.

2. Flat and solid plate.

It is a flat and single piece of metal which is smooth. Because it does not have any holes on it, water can flow over the plate without being lost through openings.

Flat and solid plates proves to be much easier to clean than other plate types,because clogging caused by  calcium build up is very minimal. Any calcium build up on the flat surfaces can be removed easily by cleaning both sides of the plate.

The easier it is to remove calcium build-up when cleaning, the longer the lifespan.

The solid and flat plates are durable. Unlike their counterparts (mesh and slotted)which are flimsy and have a number of openings, the solid and flat plates tend to be more rigid and stiff. The solid and flat plates are normally made out of Titanium and Platinum, which are expensive but durable.

Although not as tough and durable as the Drop-forged Matrix Grid plates, solid plates are relatively cheaper and stronger than most plate types.

3.Mesh water ionizer plates

They look more like a screen due to many small holes. The calcium build up can occur due to many openings on the surface. The calcium build-up clogs the surfaces of the plate. Cleaning the clogged surfaces is not that easy, resulting in reduced efficiency and lifespan.

4.Slotted water ionizer plates

It is a little bit similar to the flat solid plate, the difference being that a slotted plate has some slots evenly distributed all over the plate. Water can run through the slots as it is ionized. Calcium build-up is common on the slots. Just as the meshed type, the slotted plates are not easy to clean as compared to solid flat plates.

  • NB:
    As far as ranking of these plates according to their durability is concerned,the forged Matrix Grid is the best followed by solid state plates. Mesh plates come on the 3rd position. The least desirable plate type is the slotted one. As a general principle, the more durable the plate is, the more expensive it becomes.  

Which material is the best for a water ionizer plate?

Titanium and platinum are the best you can get for your alkaline water machine. Platinum and Titanium are much more expensive than the material used to make meshed and slotted plates. There are clever manufacturers out there trying to convince prospective buyers like you to buy their water ionizer machines with meshed and slotted plates.

The manufacturers claim that Titanium and Platinum can leach into water and poison you. This is a lie. Titanium is so resistant to corrosion to the extent of withstanding corrosive elements for millions of years. 

On the other hand, Platinum is also resistant to corrosion.You can leave it in water for millions and billions of years, it will remain the same.

There you have it, don’t be deceived and end up buying an alkaline water machine that is made using cheap material.

Power system type

All water ionizers use one of 2 types of power systems.

  1. The transformer
water ionizer power system type
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It is the oldest power design system .A transformer consists of a bunch of wires that are wrapped around a metal like iron.

The major drawback of the transformer is that it heats up as it is used.  The heat results in deterioration of the transformer and ultimately burn out. This might happen after about 5 years or even more, depending on your usage of the alkaline water machine.

For small family of not more than 2 people, the transformer might actually last for 10 years.

  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
smps power for a water ionizer
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It is a digital power system that uses capacitors, micro-processors as well as resistors to regulate the amount of power that an electronic or electrical gadget needs.

SMPS power supplies are less likely to overheat because of their efficiency. They draw their efficiency from their ability to use less power while still able to achieve much higher ORP and Ph. levels.

Because they don’t overheat that easy, they can last for over 20 years, even when yo are a family of 7 people.

So it is more preferable to use an alkaline water machine with a SMPS power system if you are a big family.

Ease of cleaning

An ideal alkaline water machine should have an automatic self-cleaning feature.

The automatic self-cleaning capability is engaged whenever the alkaline water machine shuts down or starts up. The self-cleaning feature prevents calcium build-up.

The auto cleaning feature becomes handy for people living in hard water areas. The automatic self-cleaning feature ensures that your ionizer machine has the longest lifespan possible.A cleaner plate uses less electricity, resulting in less strain being put upon the alkaline water machine.It is very important for ionizer machines which use transformers for power.

Whenever a transformer uses more electricity, the hotter it becomes. A transformer that is always made to overheat experience more tear and wear which ultimately leads to its faster burnout.

If you need a durable alkaline water machine, make sure you choose one with this feature.

For a detailed video on how to clean your water ionizer,watch the video below

Built in filters

water ionizer sediment filter

There are 2 types of filters, the single filter and multi filtration system.

Water engineers have actually come up with water ionizers with 4 stage filtration systems which are already on the market.The more filters an ionizer machine has, the better its water purification capability.

If you stay in a small town where the tap water is generally drinkable, then a single filter is sufficient On the other hand, if you live in a bigger city, the chances are that the tap water is not that clean for drinking purposes. A water ionizer machine with a dual filtration system is the most ideal in this situation.

As far as water filtration is concerned, the bigger the filter the better and the more the number of filters the better.

Under counter Vs. Counter-top water ionizer

over the counter water ionizer
source : Global industry Journal US

This is one of the most important factors that you have to consider. Depending with the space at your disposal, it will make sense to buy an under counter alkaline water machine if you have limited counter space

If you have ample counter space, then an over the counter unit will be the most ideal

PH range

water produced by a water ionizer is alkaline

The most important reason why prospective customers like you consider buying an alkaline water machine is because you need alkaline(ionized) water.

The ionizer machine has got the ability to alter the Ph. levels of your water. PH level refers to the acidity or alkalinity levels of your water.

The Ph. Scale was invented by a Danish Chemist called Soren Sorensen in 1909.Since then it has been used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of water and other substances.

PH. scale ranges from 0 to 14. Ph. 7.0 is regarded as neutral; it is neither acidic nor alkaline. This is the Ph. of distilled purified water just as it comes out of a water distiller.

Neutral water is more ideal for cooking, washing hair as well as laboratory experiments. It is more ideal for lab experiments because it is not reactive, it does not alter the accuracy and outcome of these experiments.

Any Ph. that is below 7.0 is referred to as acidic. The lower the Ph. value, the more acidic the water or substance is. For example, water with Ph. of 4.5 is more acidic than water with Ph. of 5.7.

The more acidic your water is, the more destructive it is to your body.

Acidic water is more useful for cleaning and disinfecting purposes.

Ph. level above 7.0 is referred to as alkaline water. The higher the Ph. value, the more alkaline or basic the water or substance is. For example, water with a Ph. level of 11 is more alkaline than water with a Ph. level of 7.7.The more alkaline your water is, the healthier it is for human consumption.

So if you are buying an alkaline water machine for health purposes, the best ionizer machine is the one that can achieve a higher alkaline Ph. level.

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Range

It is the capability of an alkaline water machine to oxidize and to reduce the level of oxidation inside the human body.

water produced by a water ionizer has very good Oxidation Reduction potential

This is what Oxidation does: It ‘steals’ electrons from your DNA, cells and proteins. Oxidation achieves this destructive process using what we call free radicals to steal electrons from your body.

Oxidation results in accelerated ageing and general sickness. An alkaline water machine produces water that can give enough electrons to these thirsty free radicals so that they won’t take away the electrons from your body.

That is why ionized alkaline water slows down the ageing process and gives you much vigor.

The ORP ranges from -2000 to +2000.It is measured in mVs. The bigger the value in the negative side of the range, the better it is for your health. For example a water ionizer machine with -700mV is better than one with -500 mV.

Installation type of the water ionizer

It is important to know beforehand whether the ionizer machine you intend to buy requires a technician to install, or you can Do It Yourself (DIY).

water ionizer installation type
SOURCE :microwaterman

A DIY system is much better as you don’t have to fork out more money for a technician. Most over the counter water ionizer machines are DIY systems. 

10 Alkaline water benefits

health benefits of water produced by a water ionizer

1.Benefits of alkaline water for weight loss

weight loss water ionizer
  • For those looking forward to a lean body, reducing the acidity of your body is very
    important. The food that every average American eats increases the acids in
    your body.
  • The clever mechanism used by the body to neutralize the acid is to create more fat
    cells. The increase in fat cells ultimately leads to unwanted weight gain.
  • Alkaline water made by alkaline water machine neutralizes the acids. When the acids have
    been neutralized, there will not be any need for the body to create unnecessary fat cells. When the body is creating only the necessary fat, fat storage is significantly reduced, resulting in weight loss.

2. Alkaline water benefits for cancer

water ionizer to destroy cancer cells
  • Cancer cells thrive very well in an environment that is acidic in nature.
  • The acidic environment in the body is compounded by the food we eat every day.
  • Foods known to increase the acidity of the body include sugar, sodas, meats and
    certain dairy foods.
  • So you can see that almost every food we eat increases acidity of the body which
    in turn creates an enabling environment for cancer cells to grow.
  • Drinking alkaline water made from a water ionizer balances the Ph. of the body until it gets to neutral. The Ph. level of a healthy body should be maintained between 7.0 and 7.2.In such an environment, malignant cancer cells cannot grow.
  • So drinking alkaline water is beneficial for those suffering from cancer as it stops the progression of cancer. On the other hand, alkaline water can help healthy individuals in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Alkaline water benefits for Diabetes

water ionizer to help treat diabetes
  • A prominent water therapy specialist from Japan, Dr. Keijiro Kuwabara, has been clinically treating insulin independent diabetes for many years using alkaline water.
  • In his therapies, diabetes patients are made to drink alkaline water for a month or more. Within a month of alkaline water intake, most patients will have undetectable levels of sugar

4. Alkaline water benefits for the immune system

water ionizer can boost your immune system
  • The reason why alkaline water boosts your immune system is because it is loaded with antioxidants.
  • The alkaline water neutralizes the free radical (oxidants) which damage your cells and DNA.
  • The neutralized free radicals are then converted into oxygen which is essential for energy production and oxygenation.

5. Helps boost your energy

water ionizer helps boost your energy
source: life hacker Australia
  • Alkaline ionized water helps in the delivery of nutrients to the body more efficiently than your regular tap water.
  • In other words, the body uses less energy to deliver nutrients using alkaline water, leaving you feeling more energized.

6. Alkaline water benefits for a healthy digestive system

benefits of water ionizer for the digestive system
  • Alkaline water makes sure that the Ph. levels of your small intestines is always around 8.5.This Ph. level inhibits the growth of parasites, fungus and other damaging micro-organisms.
  • Probiotics thrive in hydrogen rich alkaline water environment unlike harmful bacteria. Probiotics hate oxygen and likes hydrogen whereas harmful bacteria hate hydrogen and likes oxygen. So the hydrogen rich alkaline water kills harmful bacteria and promotes growth and survival of probiotics. 
  • Probiotics are responsible for optimal absorption of beneficial nutrients in your body.
  • Alkaline water makes it easy for the large intestines to discharge wastes out of your body and also absorption of water by the body.

7. Keeps the body hydrated

water ionizer keeps you hydrated
  • It is easier for the body to absorb alkaline water than regular tap water. This is because alkaline water has small molecular content, which makes it easier to absorb.
  • A well hydrated body leads to a slippery colon .A colon is responsible for  the removal of water from stools and balancing of Ph. Balancing the Ph. of the colon also inhibits the growth of malignant cancer cells in that area.

8.Alkaline water benefits for balancing body Ph. levels

water ionizer balances the ph of your whole body
  • Your body is always working to maintain the right ph. levels of your blood, and this happens naturally.
  • When your body is too acidic, it takes so much effort and energy for your system to neutralize the Ph. levels.
  • High acidic environment is also conducive for the proliferation of disease causing micro-organisms.
  • Common acid causing foods and drinks that most Americans consume include; coffee,processed sugar, soft drinks as well as alcohol.
  • Drinking alkaline water speeds up the process of neutralizing the body’s Ph. levels.
  • Neutralizing effect of alkaline water is most beneficial to your body as a preventative measure.
  • On the other hand, alkaline water can speed up the recovery process for those who are already sick.

9. Alkaline water benefits for removal of toxins

Drinking alkaline water increases your body’s ability to flush out toxins that cause your body to develop illnesses and diseases.

10. Alkaline water benefits for the cure of Psoriasis

water ionizer can help cure psoriasis
  • Psoriasis is a skin condition that comes when your immune system perceives that your healthy skin is a threat. The immune system reacts to this ‘threat’ by forming patches on the face, legs and other affected areas of your body. Other signs include reddish and inflamed appearance.
  • Alkaline water helps in neutralizing the skin thereby reducing the symptoms of Psoriasis.

Water Ionizer Reviews

Bawell 2195 Water Ionizer Mini Review

BEST WATER IONIZER for the best results

Features and Pros

  • Comes with 7 solid Titanium platinum coated electrolysis plates.
  • It has one the widest ORP ranges of between +600 to -800 mVs.
  • The PH range is between 2 and 12.It’s very rare to find a water ionizer with such a wide PH range so far.
  • Installation options are very flexible. You can install the water ionizer over the counter or under the counter; you choose what is convenient to you.
  • It utilizes one of the most efficient and long lasting power systems, which is the SMPS.
  • The reputation of the Manufacturer is very good according to Business Consumer Alliance.
  • The plastics which Bawell Health Water used to make this unit are FDA approved.
  • Voice prompts reminders ensure that you do not forget to maintain the unit in time.
  • It is compact
  • Its dual filtration  system is more efficient than that of single filter systems
  • The water ionizer can be connected to most kitchen faucets.
  • If you follow the installation instructions on the DVD and guides provided, the whole installation process can take 30 minutes or less.
  • The pre-programmed PH levels ensure that your first experience with the water ionizer is flawless.
  • The customer service is so outstanding.
  • The self-cleaning feature makes the maintenance work on the unit very minimal
  • It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee
  • The forever lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind.


  • It is much more expensive than other water ionizers made for home use.

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The Life Water Ionizer MXL-9 Mini Review


Features and Pros

  • Although the PH range is not as good as that of Bawell water ionizer, the Life Ionizer MXL-9 has one of the best PH ranges of between 2.0 to 11.5
  • The system has dual filters.
  • The system has the one of the best industry wide ORP ranges. The ORP ranges can go up to -811.
  • The power system is SMPS
  • The manufacturer is highly rated in the water ionization industry
  • The American designed and Korean made appliance is a next generation water ionizer.
    It is packed with so many special features which might be adopted by competitors in 10 years maybe.
  • The unit does not just produce clean ionized water but also destroys all micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses. The unit achieves this using its inbuilt ultraviolet sterilization capability.
  • The plates are the most durable you can ever find on the market today. The type of plates is called matrix grid plates.The 9 matrix grid electrolysis plates are dipped eight times in platinum for the best tensile strength.
  • It has an outstanding flow rate of 4 liters per minute.
  • The lifetime warranty covers both the parts and the labor to replace the parts
  • The water ionizer can be installed over the counter and under the counter, the choice is all yours.
  •  The appliance can add molecular hydrogen which can fight free radicals in your body.
  • Installation process is so simple
  • The reinforced ionization chamber makes the unit lasts for so many years to come.
  • Changing settings is a breeze as this can be done on the LCD touch display
  • The water ionizer can be used anywhere in the world as the unit can be plugged on a socket which outputs between 110 to 220 volts.
  • The unit has been endorsed by medical experts as a device that confers medical


  • It is expensive for an average person

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The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 water ionizer mini review

best alkaline water machine

  Features and pros

  • It comes with a 5 year warranty. Terms and conditions apply as usual.
  • The system has 7 Titanium platinum coated electrolysis plates
  • It has dual filters
  • The PH range is between 4.5 to 11
  • The ORP is one of the outstanding ones in the water treatment industry; ranging from +1000 to -800 mVs.
  • The water ionizer can be installed over the counter or under the counter
  • The Manufacturer reputation is very good according  to Business Consumer Alliance
  • The unit complies with the USA and Canada established industry safety standards.
  • The seven pre-programmed settings enable a first time user to get the type of water
    they want with just a click of a button.
  • It is a compact water ionizer machine
  • The water ionizer is light weight. Transporting the unit is very easy
  • The plastics used to make the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 are BPA free.
  • The flow rate is 1 gallon per minute which is very standard
  • It has a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • The unit does not work with pull out spray faucets
  • The 5 year warranty is too short;at least 10 years would do for such a valuable purchase.

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Pure Hydration water ionizer mini review

water alkalizer / water ionizer from Pure Hydration

Pros and Features

The water this ionizer produces help your body to heal

Molecular hydrogen found in alkalized water is know to be a potent antioxidant .Antioxidants reduces the harmful effects of free radicals

Although not yet verified by scientists , some customers have reported up to 50 percent reduction in fibromyalgia pain whilst drinking alkalized water produced by this unit

Comes with a 15 day money back guarantee,so there is no need to worry

It is very easy to transport as it it very compact

The water that comes out of the system is tasty because it doesn’t remove calcium and magnesium

The 4 filters removes 99.99% of contaminants in the water

The water alkalizer comes with a lifetime warranty ,what a deal

You can simply wave your hand to switch the water ionizer ON/OFF


The water alkalizer does not produce acidic water,so the appliance does not produce multi-purpose water

Replacing all the 4 filters every 6 months might be expensive as compared to most water ionizer which have 2 filters

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