The Life Ionizer MXL-9 water ionizer machine Review


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Choosing the most ideal water ionizer machine that suits your needs at the lowest possible cost is not a walk in the park.

Considering how expensive these appliances are, you need to read some reviews that explain the use and benefits of the machine in simple everyday language. That is exactly what I am going to do in this detailed review

You need to pay special attention to the number of plates, the flow rate, the Ph. range as well as ORP range.

If you need to know in detail what these terms are and how they should determine your final choice of a water ionizer machine, read my very detailed buying guide here.

If these terms just mentioned above are not new to you, let’s jump straight into the product review below.

The Life Ionizer MXL-9 is high end appliance that I can call the next generation water ionizer machine. The Korean made appliance is endowed with rare to find high tech features which make it efficient and effective.

How to use the Life Ionizer MXL-9 water ionizer

  • Connect your water ionizer machine to the source water as directed in the installation guide provided with the purchase.
  • Turn the water ionizer machine ON.
  • The customized pre-filters start the process of eliminating the debris and contaminants found in your source water. The pre-filters preserve all your healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium in the filtered water.
  • The filtered water is then made to pass through the 9 negatively charged and positively charged Matrix Grid electrolysis plates.
  • When electrolysis is done, pure alkaline water oozes out of the water ionizer machine at a rate of 4 liters a minute
  • Acidic water comes out on the other end of the ionizer machine, ready for cleaning and gardening purposes.
  • To get more information on how a water ionizer machine works, read my well detailed article here.

About the Manufacturer

The innovative California based water treatment company was established in 2006.It trades as Life Ionizers or Earthtrade Water.

With an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and a BB rating on Business Consumer Alliance , the company looks like a very dependable manufacturer and seller.

Their filters are independently tested. This ensures that their product quality is standard and not biased.

Their unique customer service and attention to finer details is a cut above the rest.

When you buy the MXL-9 water ionizer machine, the researchers and scientists at Life Ionizers will study your local water records so as to ascertain the contaminants that might be present in your water. Knowing the contaminants in your local water enables Life Ionizers to make a customized filter that works best for your situation. It’s a very rare service isn’t it!

Life Ionizers designs all their water ionizers including the MXL-9 model in California and then proceed with the manufacturing process in South Korea.

South Korea is known as the international hub of technological innovations across the globe. So the water ionizers by Life Ionizers mirrors the highly technological scope of all South Korean made products

The company has sold over 500 000 water ionizers to date. The company clientele base is international. To make sure the water ionizers are distributed worldwide, Life ionizers maintain a distribution network that spans across 23 countries.

The company is one of the environmentally conscious organisations out there; they have been certified by the Environmental protection agency.

The MXL-9 model is one of their newest and environmentally friendly ionizer machines.

Below I will explain the benefits of using this unit and how it achieves these benefits.


  • BPA free tubing on the unit makes it contaminant free.
  • Offers one the widest ph. ranges to choose from to date. The ph. range is from 2.0 to 11.5.The wider the ph. range, the more uses the water has.At ph. of 2.0, the water produced by the MXL-9 becomes a very powerful detergent. At ph. of 11.5, the water neutralizes your body’s acidic ph. levels much faster than that of most water ionizers you know.
  • It comes with matrix grid plates. The matrix grid plates are the toughest electrolysis plates you can find in the whole world so far. They surpass the strength of solid and mesh plates by far. To understand more on the matrix grid technology used to make these plates, read my detailed buying guide on this particular topic.
  • Large surface area for powerful electrolysis. It comes with 9 high grade electrolysis plates.
  • It comes with a life time guarantee. The lifetime guarantee covers both parts and labor.
  • Flexible installation. The water ionizer can be installed over the counter or under the counter.
  • It is designed for a medium sized family of 4 or 5.
  • It has the toughest electrolysis plates. Unlike plates on most water ionizer machines which are coated once with platinum, the MXL-9 plates are coated 8 times with platinum. It is a very rare and unique feature these days.
  • It comes with chloramine reduction system. Drinking or bathing in water with chloramine increases your risk of getting asthma. So the MXL-9 water ionizer machine can decrease your risk of getting asthma significantly.
  • Can reach ORP levels of up to -811.Such ORP levels confers very powerful and speedy antioxidant effects on your body.
  • It has an amazing flow rate of 4 liters per minute, which is quite decent and above standard. The proprietary XL Matrix Grid technology increases the efficiency of the ionization process, which produces the highest Ph. and ORP levels at full flow rates. Most competitors who have ionizer machines which reach such high ORP and Ph. levels have to slow down the flow rate of the machine so as to achieve this.
  • Comes with a premium grade filtration system. The proprietary Customized Pre-filter System is an innovation from Life Ionizers that ensures your water has insignificant levels of contaminants like mercury, copper, VOCs and corrosive minerals.
  • The MXL-9 water ionizer machine has an Ultraviolet sterilization system feature. The system destroys all harmful pathogens like parasitic cysts, molds, viruses and bacteria that might be present in your water.
  • It has an anti-scale technology. The proprietary CleanTech technology ensures that the tendency of water hardening minerals to clog your water ionizer machine is significantly reduced.
  • It gives a huge boost of molecular hydrogen in your water. The proprietary Molecular Hydrogen XL technology from Life Ionizers enables the MXL-9 to produce the highest level of molecular hydrogen than any other water ionizer brand.

Several health experts have suggested that consumption of molecular hydrogen can confer various health benefits. Molecular hydrogen is very potent in fighting free radicals in your body and protecting your body from the effects of oxidative stress.

By the way, oxidative stress caused by free radicals is the main reason why most people are sick.

  • Ease of access. The water ionizer machine can be neatly placed on top of your kitchen counter.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. The stylish design coupled with the black and granite finish on the outer body makes the water ionizer machine very unique.
  • Installation is very easy. You can install the unit in a matter of minutes. The installation guide and the videos that can be referenced enable a seamless installation experience. In case you run into issues while installing the water ionizer machine, Life Ionizers technicians are always on standby to assist.


  • Comes with triple reinforced ionization chamber. This reduces the chances of ionization chamber breakage significantly.
  • The wattage is 500 watts but can be adjusted to 504 Watts. The power consumption is very efficient considering all the functions it has and its capacity.
  • The water ionizer machine is powered by Life Ionizer’s proprietary XL Power,which is a form of SMPS technology .This power system ensures that your water ionizer is durable and energy efficient. A combination of XL Power and Matrix Grid technology ensures that you get the highest possible Ph. and ORP levels. To get more detailed information on this topic, read my article here.
  • It measures 5″ for the width by  6.25″ for the depth  by  15″  for the height
  • The LCD touch display makes it easy to change setting and see what the water ionizer machine is doing to produces clean antioxidant rich water for you and your family.
  • The international voltage makes the water ionizer machine usable in most countries if not all countries around the world. The unit is compatible with voltages that range from 110 volts to 220 volts.


  • It has been endorsed and certified by several safety and medical institutions .The Korean Food and Drug Administration certified it as a medical device
  • It is compact
  • It is compatible with European and American power sockets. Most countries around the world follow the American or European standards when it comes to electrical power output. So the unit can be used virtually anywhere in the world


  • It is pricier than most models on the market. The high end technologies that were put into this unit are really for the next generation. These special features make the machine expensive. Also their personal touch approach of doing business justifies their steeper price. They actually make filters which are customized just for you.

Maintaining the Life Ionizer MXL-9 water ionizer

  • Replacing the filters is very easy. Life Ionizers designed the MXL-9 water ionizer machine in such a way that the filters are located at the top of the unit. This enables easy access to the filters for filter changes. You can change the filters with just one click.
  • The filters should be changed at least once a year.

Final Verdict

This rare to find appliance is one of the few water ionizer machines that have been proven and certified by the medical fraternity. The medical fraternity is one of those communities that take their time to research and prove healing claims of certain medicines and medical equipment. So be at peace knowing that what Life Ionizers claim is what the machine actually does.

The lifetime warranty and the 75 day money back return guarantee which come with the MXL-9 is a clear sign that the Californian Company is very confident with their product .

There is always a technician to help you out on the other end of the line if you run into some issues when installing or using the water ionizer machine.

The water ionizer machine  might be much pricier than most brands but it is worth it  considering the next generation technologies packed into this little miracle machine.

I give this unit an overall rating of 4.4/5

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