The Avalon A8 countertop water cooler dispenser review

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With so many water cooler dispensers out there, it is very difficult to find the most ideal one that suits your needs.

One of the most important factors to consider is the warranty. You don’t want to go back to the home improvement shop to replace the machine or buy replacement parts in less than a year from the day of purchase. Most users use the system for several years without any major problems.  The warranty doesn’t cover the filters.

Among the most important factors to consider buying a water cooler dispenser is a multipurpose functionality. The Avalon 8 is a countertop and bottleless water cooler dispenser with a hot water option. The unit dispenses piping hot water and icy cold water for a small to medium sized family

Being a point of use dispenser, there is no need to constantly buy bottles of water since the dispenser is connected to your sink line.

Below I will explain the pros and cons of getting this unit as well as explaining how it works.

How the Avalon A8 countertop water cooler dispenser works

To install the unit to the water source, you need an adaptor and PE tubing.

The 1st thing to do is to turn off and then disconnect the cold water source under the sink.

The 2nd thing to do is to attach your water dispenser to the cold water source using the adaptor included with your installation kit.

The 3rd thing to do is to connect the adaptor to the PE tubing .The tubing is FDA approved, meaning it’s safe to deliver water through the tubing.

The 4th thing to do is to connect the already connected tubing-adaptor to the water cooler dispenser.

The 5th thing to do is to turn on the water source.

The 6th thing to do is to connect the water cooler dispenser to a power outlet and switch it on.

The leak detector monitors the flow of water from the sink water line into the water dispenser system. This monitoring process is done automatically.

The incoming source water is filtered through the sediment and carbon block filters before it is channelled into hot and cold water tanks. The filters eliminate chlorine, bacteria and lead. High exposure to lead is suspected to cause kidney and brain damage .High exposure is suspected to cause asthma and bronchitis.

The water enters the cold and hot water tanks ready to be cooled down and heat up respectively. The built in Energy Star approved heater heats up the water up to185 degrees Fahrenheit at a rate of 4 litres per hour. The inbuilt compressor chills water down to 47 degrees Fahrenheit.

To get cold water, press the cup/glass against the cold water paddle. It’s that simple.

To dispense hot water, press the child safety lock button and the hot water paddle simultaneously .This ensures that hot water is not dispensed accidentally .This feature comes in handy when you have little kids at home.

As for maintenance, the water tanks are automatically cleaned with the injection of ozone .To inject the ozone for self-cleaning, just press a switch and you are good to go. Ozone is known to be a very potent disinfectant.

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  • 2 Temperature settings. Besides being a water cooler dispenser, the Avalon dispenser is also a water heater. You can get piping hot water to make a cup of coffee or get a glass of icy cold drinking water in an instant.
  • Your kids won’t accidentally burn themselves. To dispense hot water, you have to press the child safety lock and at the same time pressing your water glass against the press paddles. This complicated water dispensing method makes it very difficult for a child to accidentally dispense the hot water
  • Energy efficient and Eco-friendly. This water cooler dispenser is an Energy Star approved appliance. Energy Star in conjunction with Environment Protection Agency (EPA) certifies appliances that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and this counter-top water cooler dispenser is one of them.
  • It cleans itself. Your water cooler dispenser sanitizes it when the need arises; there is no need of human input at all. This makes this water cooler more of an install and forget appliance, oh how I love such gadgets!
  • Compact. It measures 14.7 inches X 12 inches X 19 inches. It can sit well on a counter-top.
  • The heating capacity is quite decent .The heater can bring the water in the boiling tank to an almost boiling point at a rate of 4 liters per hour.
  • The spouts are clearly visible at night. The water dispenser has a nightlight feature .This feature makes it difficult to spill water at night.
  • You won’t drink unfiltered water again. The replace filter indicator feature lights up when there is need to replace the filter.
  • It chills your water down to 47 degrees Fahrenheit using its efficient inbuilt compressor
  • The highly energy efficient inbuilt heater heats your water up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 1 year warranty


  • Very durable. The water cooler dispenser is made out of metal and high density plastic.
  • Comes with a powerful sediment and carbon filter. The sediment filter purifies your source water from visible particles or sediments. The carbon block filters impurities which are invisible to naked eye like VOCs and micro particles. The removal of VOCs improves the taste and smell of your water. The filter has to be replaced 6 months from the time you start using it or when it filters 1500 gallons of water, whichever comes first.
  • It weighs 30 pounds. This weight helps keep the water dispenser from shaking, moving or falling when in use on the countertop.
  • Compatible with USA power outlets. The water cooler dispenser must be connected to a 115 volt power outlet, which is the standard in the United States or in countries that follow US standards .If you need to use it in Europe or in countries that follow European standards; then you have to engage an electrician to convert your existing 220V outlet into a 115 V one.
  • It has an inbuilt compressor to chill down your water.
  • PE tubing used to connect the water dispenser to your water source.PE or rather Polyethylene tubing is a durable and lightweight solution to deliver fluids like water, gas etc. PE is resistant to corrosion and is approved by FDA for beverage and food use.
  • The space between spouts and the base of the dispensing area is 7.5 inches. You can fit your glass or French press under the spouts without any problems.
  • It has 3 switches at the back. The 1st switch is for running the ozone self-cleaning system. The 2nd switch is for turning ON/OFF the refrigeration system. The 3rd switch is for turning ON/OFF the heating system.
  • The shut-off valve located at the bottom ensures that changing filters is a breeze.


  • Enjoy triple protection from gems and bacteria. The water cooler dispenser has an antibacterial coating feature, stainless steel reservoir tank and a powerful NSF certified carbon filter system. These3 features work hand in hand to inhibit the growth and proliferation of micro-organisms in your water.
  • Saves space. Its compact design saves you a lot of space in your kitchen
  • Save money. There is no need to buy water bottles from time to time because this unit is connected to the main water line.
  • The best water cooler dispenser for those with back and spine problems. This bottleless water cooler eliminates the strain and hassle of lifting 3 or 5 gallon bottles onto the top of the dispenser. This water cooler is connected to the water line.
  • Do it yourself (DIY) installation .You don’t need any technician to install the dispenser to the water source. The installation kit (adapter and PE tubing) provided is enough to connect the unit to the water source. If you run into any problems during the installation process, just call Avalon customer support team for help.
  • The clean and great tasting water makes you thirst for more water thereby keeping you hydrated all day long.
  • It is a very quiet machine.
  • The Avalon customer service is outstanding
  • It is attractive


  • It is not pet friendly. It doesn’t have a room temperature setting. Most pets like dogs and cats need drinking water at room temperature. You can still have room temperature water with  the water cooler dispenser by letting the dispensed water (cold or hot) to take up the temperature of your  room , this might take a couple of minutes if not an hour or so.
  • Recovery time for the hot water is not consistent for example if you dispense 1 cup of hot water, the temperature drops off sharply. Sometimes the recovery time might be as little as 15 minutes. In some cases it might even take up to 1 hour.
  • The water cooler dispenser has design flaws. It is not easy to understand what the lights on the front and the switches at the back mean. For example the green colour on one of the back switch represents cold water ON/OFF. My opinion is that the cold water ON/OFF switch was supposed to have a blue colour instead, share your thoughts on this thought down in the comments section below.

Final Verdict

The Avalon A8 countertop water cooler dispenser is a multipurpose system. The hot water can be used to make a cup of coffee and the cold water is a very refreshing drink.

 Avalon had your health in mind when they designed this system. The water that comes out of the unit is 99.99% free from bacteria, gems, chlorine and lead. The Avalon A8 achieves this through its anti-bacterial coating, stainless steel tanks, self-cleaning feature as well as its 2 stage filtration system.

The child safety feature is a great selling point of this unit .You will understand the importance of this feature if you have children at home.

One major thing I don’t like about the unit is that the recovery time for the hot water is not that consistent .But if you are just looking for a durable high end water cooler dispenser, then this is one of the best picks you can find on the market today.

I give this unit an average score of 4.7/5.

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