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I have done a research into the types of water softeners that are currently on the market. Saltless water softener systems or electronic descaler systems are relatively cheap whereas salt based water softeners are effective and yet very expensive.The Eddy electronic water softener is one of the cheapest  and most effective in its class.

When I came across the Eddy saltless water softener, I was fascinated by the way it works and the enormous benefits it has over the salt based water softeners. This is a very Eco-friendly water conditioner as it does not drain salt into the environment as does other softeners.

Unlike a salt based water softener which eliminates magnesium and calcium from water, the Eddy electronic water softener retains these healthy minerals .The Eddy limescale removal system is a maintenance free water conditioner ,it is an install and forget system.

Generally speaking, you can buy this unit at a fraction of the salt based water softener .Eddy electronic water descaler does not eliminate hard water but only suspends magnesium and calcium  for about 48 hours .The suspended hard minerals can not stick to the inside of appliances and plumbing

How the Eddy electronic water softener descaler works

Water descaling is an electronic process that is used to reduce the effects of water .Descaling does not remove the water hardening minerals (calcium and magnesium) from your water anyway.

A number of magnets on the unit are coiled around the inlet water pipe that supplies the whole house. A magnetic field is created, the process of suspending magnesium and calcium begins.

The Eddy electronic water descaler uses electronic magnetic field to charge water. As water gets charged, the suspended minerals (calcium and magnesium) changes shapes from cubic to circular.

It’s difficult for circular minerals to form scale build-up as the minerals get suspended in the water for about 48 hours .So during this window period, the suspended magnesium and calcium cannot stick to the inside of plumbing and water using appliances .

So if the descaled water is not used in about 48 hours, the circular shaped minerals start reverting back to their original cubic shape and becomes hard again

Even if scale builds up with time, it is easy to just wipe up the scale. The Eddy limescale removal system  breaks down calcium and magnesium into dusty coating.The dusty coating left on your appliances, car or plumbing can be easily  wiped away simply using a dry cloth


  • This unit is compact as it measures 7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches. You can use it in the tightest places
  • When connecting the descaler to electricity, make sure the power socket has a power output of 110 volts

Advantages of using Eddy electronic water descaler

  • It is a risk free purchase. If you are not satisfied with the product within the first 12 months of using it, you can return it and get your refund. That is how confident Eddy Water descalers is with this particular unit.
  • To the best of my knowledge ,this is the only water conditioner which has lifetime repair and replace  guarantee
  • Lime scale build-up is prevented the moment you start using the Eddy water softener . If there were any lime scale existing in your plumbing, it is dissolved with time. If lime scale is dissolved, your water quality improves as well.
  • Good for your health .Unlike salt based water softeners which eliminate magnesium and calcium, this unit retains these healthy water minerals.
  • This mineral(calcium) helps build and maintain healthy bones .Calcium has been proven to prevent varying heart diseases .Magnesium is very necessary for about 300 biochemical reactions that takes place in the human body.
  • The biochemical reactions mentioned above include regulating blood glucose levels, keeping your heart beat steady all the time .The biochemical reactions are also essential for assisting the body to produce energy and protein.
  • Maintenance free. You don’t need to buy salt, neither do you need to replace resins and filter cartridges. This electronic water softener uses a simple technology called descaling explained above. In simple terms, it is an install and forget system
  • Environmentally friendly. The Eddy electronic water descaler does not use salt for conditioning water. The salty water that salt based water softeners drains to the streams harms aquatic plants and animals. Fresh water organisms in streams will fail to regulate how fluid passes in and out of their bodies
  • Great looking skin.You will experience great improvement in your skin texture and appearance
  • No need to change plumbing.There are no changes to your current plumbing needed for this unit to work. You might need to change just a small part of your plumbing if it is made out of iron
  • Affordable as it costs only a small fraction of the price of a salt based water softener
  • Weighs only 1.45 pounds
  • Manufactured by experts in water descaling  with an experience of 15 years
  • Cleaning becomes easy. It is much easier to clean dishes or your car with the descaled water as scale is not firmly attached .It’s easy to just wipe off  the scale
  • Increased lifespan of water using appliances.The lifespan of your appliances and plumbing is greatly increased as lime scales are dissolved with time
  • Effects are felt immediately .The benefits of using this unit can be felt and seen immediately

Disadvantages of using Eddy electronic water descaler

  • Does not work on iron and lead pipes. Although not all that common these days, iron and lead pipes are still prevalent in old homes
  • .For the electronic water softener to work in such a scenario, you need to buy a PVC extension pipe. You can then tie the Eddy electronic water softener to the PVC extension
  • You can get such a pipe from any home improvement store around you for a few dollars
  • Does not have an inbuilt power backup .If there is power outage, then the Eddy limescale removal system won’t be working until electricity is restored.
  • Does not remove hard water but only delays its effects for about 48 hours.That is the major downside of a saltless water softener
  • Works optimally if the hardness of your water is not more than 20 GPG. It has been proven to work at its best if the water hardness is 10 GPG or less.So please test your water hardness before buying this unit. If your water hardness is more than 20 GPG , I would strongly recommend you to get a salt based water softener instead

Ideal for

  • The Eddy electronic water softener is ideal for consumers who are environmentally conscious.
  • Homes with hardness levels of around 10 GPG and not more than 20 GPG,a saltless water softener will the job very well .If hardness levels are above that,then a salt based water softener is highly recommended instead of Eddy electronic water softener system
  • Households with not more than 2 bathrooms
  • Before buying the Eddy electronic water softener ,you might need to know what to consider when buying a water softener.I prepared a very good piece of advice on the home page 


  • It can be installed on any type of a pipe excluding iron and lead only. Any metal or plastic pipes can work with this unit
  • Do it yourself installation. The easy to understand manual and installation guides  which come with the Eddy electronic water softener are enough to hook this up in a matter of a few minutes
  • The Eddy electronic water softener is a whole house water conditioner
  • Long lasting purchase. The Eddy electronic water softener is solid state with no moving parts, therefore It is a very durable unit
  • Need for extended coil set.If your pipes have a diameter of not more than 1.5 inches, then the cables of the unit can tie on the pipes without any problems. If your pipes happen to have a diameter which is greater than 1.5 inches ,then you have to try the Eddy extended coil set
  • Low power consumption. The Eddy electronic water softener is a 5 watt system .The amount of electricity it uses is so insignificant
  • Great tasting water. This unit does not remove the natural minerals found in hard water. These natural minerals are the ones that make your water taste good
  • One time investment. The Eddy electronic water softener will be repaired and replaced for a lifetime.So you won’t spend a dime on this unit again in your entire life. It’s unbelievable but true

Final Verdict

If you are hunting for an inexpensive saltless water softener which can supply the whole house, then you should seriously consider the Eddy electronic water softener . This is a 100% maintenance free product as you do not need to buy any consumables or replacement parts .

The one of a kind warranty that comes with the system is for a lifetime. If you experience any problems with the system, they will repair it for you free of charge. If repairing the unit is out of the picture for one reason or the other, they will simply replace it free of charge.Terms and conditions apply of course

The only major downside to the Eddy limescale removal system is that it does not eliminate hard water .What it does is that it delays the effects of hard water by 48 hours. There is no doubt that this unit is the best alternative to a salt based water softener.

Verified customers from many online stores rated this unit very high .You wouldn’t expect such a rating for a non-salt based water softener, but it’s a clear sign that this product works for real.

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