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The On the Go has been regarded as one of the best RV water softener systems by many reviewers and customers worldwide.But you might be wondering how this little machine works .

Lets jump straight into it !

As hard water flows through the salt/potassium rinsed resin bed in the RV water softener, water hardening ions (calcium and magnesium) are trapped by the resin out of the water.

In return, softening ions (sodium/potassium) on the resin bed are released into the water. This process is called ion exchange.

Back-washing is done once in a month or 2 to flush out sediments and contaminants that would have accumulated on the resin bed .

Back-washing is a process of running water in reverse direction through the outlet and water comes out via the inlet. Back-washing process takes around 15 minutes to complete. The overall goal of back-flushing is to maintain the optimal performance of the unit.

Regeneration is a process of rinsing the resin bed with brine or salt solution .Salt is poured into the tank through the large mouth on top of the unit. Magnesium and calcium which would have accumulated on the resin bed are washed out of the unit via a drain .

The resin bed is also rinsed with salty water so that ion exchange can continue optimally. In most cases only 2 canisters of table salt or crushed potassium are used for this process.


  • Can use just a standard garden hose to connect your water softener to the park faucet.
  • Compact size as it only measures 22 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches
  • A full cradle base ensures that your water softener is stable and secure
  • Can produce 3-4 gallons per minute which is above standard for a water softener of this size
  • The maximum operating  pressure is 120 psi
  • Operating temperatures ranges between 35 o F- 110 o F


  • The best RV water softener of its size .To date,On the go is the largest portable water softener you can find to date
  • Soaps lather faster and much better in soft water. As a result, you wash a lot of clothes with relatively less soap. You can save up to 50 % on soaps when using soft water
  • It is the best RV water softener system for frequent travelers.Travel friendly as you can tie a rope on the cap that can act as a handle
  • Premium grade resin makes it an ideal portable water softener as this resin type can soften even very hard water. So don’t worry whether this softener can do a good job for very hard water.It is well equipped to match that challenge
  • The On The Go water softener prevents scale build up thereby increasing the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Easy and simple regeneration which can take as little as 30 minutes against an average of over an hour for other water softeners of the same capacity
  • Your skin will improve in a short space of time
  • The best RV water softener for a small sized rural family.Can be used even in the countryside where there is no connection to the electricity grid. This particular water softener does not use electricity at all
  • Can eliminate odors and bad taste
  • Easy to install the water softener as installer does not need any sophisticated tools to hook up this system to your RV ,marine or apartment
  • Increases the efficiency of your appliances. For example if it took 15 minutes to boil 1 gallon of hard water , it might take only 8 minutes to bring soft water to a boiling point .You can save up to 50% on electricity
  • Rust and stains are eliminated as hard water minerals(calcium and magnesium ) , the causes of the rust and stains ,are eliminated by ion exchange
  • Your clothes will come out of the washer much brighter than before
  • Easy to follow installation guide makes it easy during the installation process


  • For those with some weight issues like spine problem, this unit might pose some challenges. If you are one of those with weight lifting issues, we highly recommend you to check out this 8000 grain option. It is much lighter than the 16000 grain double standard option .You can check it out on Amazon

Ideal for

  • It is the best RV water softener for marine owners as it takes up a very little space
  • Small apartment owners as this unit can be stored and connected in the tightest places due to its compact size
  • It is one of the best RV water softener systems for a mobile family of 2 or 3 members. Up to 3 family members can use this water softener without noticing much decrease in water pressure
  • Patients suffering from cardiac conditions. Salt used for regeneration by most water softeners can exacerbate heart conditions. Even though this water softener uses salt for regeneration, it can alternatively use potassium for regeneration.Potassium is safe for cardiac patients
  • It is one of the best RV water softener systems for campers.Water in the forests and foothills is very hard in most instances due to high concentration of magnesium and calcium found in the rocks


  • It can supply 40% more soft water than other portable water softeners of the same size. It has an amazing capacity of 16000 grains despite its size.You can experience high flow rates and very low pressure drop for a family of up to 3 people
  • Ease of transportation. The rope handle makes it incredibly easy to move this system from one place to the other
  • The best RV water softener for those with limited space. When getting some piece of furniture or gadget for your RV the most important factor you have to consider is space. This water softener can be installed in the tightest places like your dock side locker.That’s how small and compact it is and yet very efficient enough to supply  soft and clean water for a family of 2 or 3
  • Ease of salt addition for regeneration. The large mouth at the top of the water softener make it a breeze to add salt
  • Ready to use.There is no need to do an initial regeneration as it comes ready to use. It also comes with test strips so as to test the effectiveness of this water softener.
  • Test the hardness of your water before hooking up the On the Go water softener. Connect your water softener and then test the hardness of your water.
  • One reviewer and customer tested their water before installation as 250 ppm and then tested it to be practically zero ppm after the installation. That is how effective this little miracle machine can be.
  • Ease of connecting the inlet hose. The 360 swivel makes it so easy to connect the inlet hose
  • Leakage proof.The cap and plug prevents water messes due to leakages
  • Convenience wise,it is one of the best RV water softener systems out there .You can use a simple standard hose to connect the On The Go water softener to the park faucet.The standard hose can be found conveniently in most parks
  • Economical. The RV water softener uses 2 bags of salt to produce 1600 gallons of soft water .It does not use electricity to soften water
  • 1 Year warranty.The warranty does not cover damages of the product due to lack of proper maintenance, negligence and repairs of the product outside the On The Go facility
  • Sturdy .Comes with a sturdy and stable base
  • Prevent water wastage.Inlet high flow shut-off valve prevents wastage of water, thereby saving on water bills

Special Instructions

  • You can alternatively use potassium instead of salt for regeneration. All you need to do in such a case is to crush the potassium pellets into fine granules before use
  • Do not tip the water softener upside down or on its side as this might cause the resin inside to come off .If the resin comes out, the efficiency of the system might be significantly reduced. So make sure the water softener is always upright
  • To protect the water softener from freezing  during winter, you can cover it  with a plastic garbage can
  • Do not stay for a very long time without recharging the system because the water softener might not last that long
  • This is how much water this system can produce depending on the hardness of your water:
  1. Water with a hardness of 5 GPG can produce 3200 gallons before the next regeneration
  2. Water with hardness of 7 GPG can produce 2285 gallons of soft water
  3. Water with hardness of 11 GPG can produce 1454 gallons of soft water
  4. Water with hardness of 15 GPG can make approximately 1066 gallons of soft water
  5. Water with hardness of 25 GPG can produce around 240 gallons of soft water before the next regeneration is needed
  6. Water with hardness of 58 GPG can make around 275 gallons of soft water before its necessary to regeneration
  • To calculate the amount of soft water this system produces,please checkout this article

Final Verdict

In my opinion, this is the most loved , best RV water softener  so far.This unit can produce 40% more soft water than other units of the same capacity.

Its ability to reduce water hardness from 250 GPG to 0 makes this unit a miracle machine.

A generous 1 year warranty is guaranteed with this unit.

This 16000 grain capacity space saver increases the lifespan of your water using appliances and plumbing fixtures as it eliminates magnesium and calcium from your water.

The easy to follow instructions saves you money which you would have paid to engage a professional plumber.

This is definitely great money and time saver as you will spend much less on washing soap and also on electricity as it takes a shorter time to heat soft water.

So many satisfied and verified customers on most online retailers have given this unit a 5 star rating

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