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The computerized iSpring ED2000 electronic water softener  is an innovation from iSpring Water Systems.

It is designed for the whole house.

This maintenance free electronic water ‘softener’ does not need any cartridge replacements neither does it need addition of salt.

With constant use of the unit, many have reported a cessation of lime scale build up in their pipes.

Expect to save some dollars as you will use less soap and less electricity at home. Water heaters and stoves will use less electricity as it takes much less time to bring conditioned water to a boiling point.

You will use less soap as soaps tends to lather more effective with conditioned water .The 1 year money back guarantee gives you peace of mind .The guarantee  grants you enough time to really see if this water conditioner delivers according to your expectations.

Below are some highlights on how the iSpring electronic water softener works and the benefits of using it. Our aim is to enable you to make a well informed decision

How iSpring electronic water descaler works

You might be wondering how this little machine can condition your water. This is how it works. Two wires on the iSpring water conditioner are wrapped on the main pipe supplying water to the whole house. These two wires electronically create a frequency modulated perpetual magnetic waveform .

As a result of the magnetic waveform, a fluctuating electric field is passed into the water. The fluctuating electric field in the water being conditioned causes a brisk stirring of water molecules .

The brisk stirring is sufficient enough to trigger premature precipitation of calcium carbonate and release of carbon dioxide. As a result of this, magnesium and calcium are suspended in water for about 48 hrs.

Water becomes less saturated and more soluble .The existing scale deposits are  ultimately removing them from water as a result

For a more detailed explanation on how an electronic descaler works , please checkout my well detailed article on this topic


  • It is a space saver. It measures only 7 x 3.5 x 2 inches.
  • It ships out as a 2.69 pound package


  • Prevents scale build up in your plumbing and also breaking down existing scale .Lime scale will breakdown over time after constant contact with the conditioned water from this electronic water softener
  • Healthy looking and manageable hair
  • Soft and supple skin
  • Healthy for those on restricted salt (Sodium chloride) diet. Unlike salt based water conditioners that take out magnesium and calcium from your water and replacing them with sodium instead, iSpring water conditioner does not add any sodium to your water. Salt can exacerbate cardiac conditions like heart failure, many scientific researchers have proven it
  • Maintenance free. This system does not use salt for softening water, so there is no need to constantly add salt to the system to function well .There is no need to replace cartridges as in salt based water softening systems. Once you set this electronic water softener up properly, you can forget about it!
  • Extended lifespan of appliances. Extends the life of your water using appliances like washing machines, geysers etc.
  • Reduced power utility bill. The conditioned water reaches boiling point relatively faster than hard water, thereby using less electricity than before
  • Get involved in social responsibility. For every iSpring unit you buy, part of that money goes to a fund which is used to donate water conditioning systems to under privileged families in the United States
  • Elimination of scale deposits. The deposits on shower heads and sinks will soften over time after contact with the treated water thereby making it easy to wipe them off
  • Soaps lather effectively with the descaler treated water
  • Easy cleaning. The calcium deposits on your appliances will be mere dust that is easy to wipe off with a cloth. So there won’t be any need to use chemicals to clean your plumbing fixtures and water using appliances
  • Better looking clothes. Your clothes will come out of the washer brighter than before .Your clothes will also last long


  • This unit can soften water in your pipes up to 50 feet from where the iSpring electronic water softener  is connected .If your whole house pipes totals 150 feet in length, you will need 3 of these units strategically positioned 50 feet apart. it is a disadvantage to those with bigger houses as you need to fork out more money to purchase enough units for best results
  • If your plumbing is made out of iron or lead, you need to replace these with either copper,PEX or PVC .That is an added cost
  • This system delays the effects of hard water by 48 hrs. So the conditioned water can only be ‘soft’ for about 48 hrs.
  • This unit might expose you to a number of chemicals like poly-aromatic hydrocarbons and nickel. According to Proposition 65  of California state, these 2 chemicals  can cause birth defects and cancer
  • Does not have an internal power backup in case of power outage

Ideal for

  • Very hard water areas ranging from 10 to 19 grains. Expect the best results if the water hardness is within this range. If water hardness is above this range, then a traditional salt based water softener is highly recommended
  • For houses with plumbing that is 50 feet (~15 Meters) or less in total length.If the plumbing of your house is more than 50 feet long, then you can simply add some more units. So if your plumbing is 200 feet in length, you need to purchase 4 of these units for best results
  • If your water has an iron content of less than 3 ppm. If the iron content is more than that ,it is highly recommended to use an iron filter before the iSpring Electronic water softener system


  • Great tasting water.This unit does not alter the chemical composition of your water .Unlike salt based water softening systems which remove magnesium and calcium from water, this unit ‘softens’ your water by descaling .So magnesium and calcium are retained  in your water thereby preserving its natural taste
  • Can work with your existing water pipes except of lead and iron. So there is no need to modify your plumbing at all unless if your pipes are made out of lead or iron. In case your plumbing is made out of iron or lead, you can modify your plumbing into PEX or PVC, which are very cheap
  • This is a whole house water conditioning system ,so the benefits of using this unit can be felt from every corner of your house
  • Risk free. This Georgia based company gives a 1 year money back guarantee. So you are free to really test it out for a year and see if it’s the right product you were looking for.
  • Lifetime support. The Georgian company guarantees lifetime support for their customers. Contact details are as follows:

ISpring Water Systems LLC
Phone: 678-261-7611
Email:[email protected]

  • Easy to understand installation guide .The installation is extremely easy. It takes only a few minutes (about 15 minutes) to set this up. You don’t need to be a tech savvy to understand the instructions

Special Instructions

  • The water softening effects can only work if the conditioned water travels for 50 feet or less from the iSpring unit.So for example you cannot expect soft water to come out of your faucet if the faucet is 100 feet away from where the Ispring unit is connected .
  • So if you have a big house it’s better to buy 2 or more iSpring units to cover your whole house. For example if you have a house with 150 feet long plumbing, it’s advisable to buy 3 iSpring units.Measure your plumbing first so as to know how many iSpring units you have to buy
  • If your water has a hardness of 25 grains and above, it is highly recommended to purchase a salt based water softening system for desired results. So taste your water hardness before you purchase this unit
  • If your mains are over 1 inch and not more than 1.5 inches ,it is highly recommended to use 2 iSpring water conditioners side by side
  • The length of the coil for a ¾ inch pipe is 4.25 inches

Final Verdict

With 1 year money back guarantee, this innovative unit gives you peace of mind as you are free to try it out before you commit.

Except of some isolated cases, most buyers do not return this unit.

Most effects of this electronic water ‘softener’ including cleaning up of lime scale are clearly seen and felt in about 6 months from installation date .

If your water hardness is 19 and below, this is the most ideal money saving technology for your hard water problems .

Because this unit does not remove the naturally occurring minerals, your water will retain its natural taste.

This unit becomes handy if you want conditioned water and yet you don’t have much space. This space saver measures only 7 x 3.5 x 2 inches.

For a much bigger house with total plumbing length of more than 50 feet, this might mean forking out more to purchase additional units for best results.

Except of this other few negative things, this unit is the most cost effective water conditioning system you can find .Our overall score of this unit is 4.2 out of 5 , the other 0.8 points were deducted because of the Proposition 65 as well as the need to replace iron and lead plumbing with PVC or Pex pipes.

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