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best water softener
Fleck water softener

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This system is a high capacity whole house system . Many customers have rated the system  as one the best water softener systems so far.

With a capacity of 48000 grains, this system can service a family of 4 people and 2 to 3 bathrooms without any significant decrease in water pressure.

The advanced controls found on the head of the Fleck water softener make it easy to customize the way it functions according to your needs.

With a one of a kind warranty of 10 years on the salt tank and 5 years on the valves, it is not a shock to see this system being the bestselling salt based water softener of our time to date

How it works

You might be wondering what the magic this system uses to soften the hardest water like well water .The system uses a natural process called ion exchange. This is whereby sodium flushes out magnesium and calcium out of the water by replacement.

Calcium and magnesium are the minerals which causes water hardness. The salt that is used to flush out calcium and magnesium is fed into a brine tank.

For a more detailed explanation on how this system works , click here

Whats included

  • A pipe connector kit which comes as either 1 inch or ¼ inc
  • A salt tank which is black in color
  • A Fleck designed 5600 –SXT bypass valve & backwash valve combo
  • A media funnel


  • Features a bypass valve. There are some chores like watering your garden which do not need soft water at all. So your water for gardening will not pass through the water softener thereby saving on salt used in regeneration .With this feature in place, you are guaranteed that you won’t perform re-generations as much as you would do with other water softeners without the bypass valve feature
  • High capacity .With a capacity of 48000 grains max, we are quite confident this system can service a moderate sized family without any issues
  • Does not compromise on flow rate, can continuously treat and soften your water up to 20 grains per minute without any significant compromise on water pressure coming out of the faucet
  • Digital controls found on the head of the system makes it quite easy for a non tech savvy to control and navigate through the system
  • The digital controller features a back-lit LCD display and touch pad controls which make it user friendly. In case there is a power outage in your area, don’t worry as the digital controller has a 48 hour backup capacitor installed within the system


  • Whole house water softener system. It can service up to 3 bathrooms without noticing any significant drop in water pressure
  • Easy to install for those with little to no plumbing skills. The manuals and guides which come with this system makes it so easy for novices in plumbing to figure out how they can set this system up in an hour or so. You might need to visit a nearby hardware or home improvement shop to buy the right fittings. Engage a professional plumber if you are not quite sure how to go about it
  • Save money. The popular high efficiency valve if set up properly can save you some dollars on salt
  • Depending on how often and how much water you use at home, the system can regenerate when it is needed. Fleck came up with a meter based regeneration process, what it simply means is that the system can be programmed to only regenerate when a certain volume of water has passed through the water softener system. Actually you can check the number of gallons left before the next regeneration
  • To avoid overfilling and water messes, the system comes with a safety float
  • If you are an average family of about 4 members or so, you can use only 1 bag of salt per month
  • Once you have programmed the system to function in a certain way, the memory won’t be lost when there is power outage. The settings are stored in the non-volatile memory of the system
  • Can literally work in any environment as the system can operate under temperatures varying from 0 Degrees Celsius to 49 degrees Celsius or 32° F – 120° F


  • Improved soap efficiency .Using soft water when washing can make it a whole lot easier as soap lathers faster and easier with soft water
  • When hardness has been eliminated from your water, the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures and appliances which utilizes water like washing machines, water heaters and geysers is prolonged
  • Outstanding warranties on the system. Fleck gives a generous 10 year warranty on the tank. This tells a lot on how durable the tank is, very few manufacturers gives such warranties.
  • The system and the replacement parts are made in the USA, so it’s pretty easy to get replacement parts if you reside in the United States. Most water conditioning systems made in the USA are subjected to rigorous pre-market and post market quality testing before they are certified, so this is a high quality water conditioning system believe me
  • It is weather proof. The system can be installed outside as everything on the system including valve controls are water proof. You might just need to cover the electrical wiring only
  • Without magnesium and calcium in your water, the colors of your clothes comes out as bright as they can be after a wash
  • A soft feel of water when bathing or washing
  • Softer and glowing skin. As magnesium and calcium (water hardening minerals) are removed, soaps lathers better and thereby cleansing your skin thoroughly
  • Economical. With one bag of salt costing $5 on average, you can use somewhere around $120 per year to get soft water out your faucet


  • The system does not have the low salt alert, so you literally have to check the brine tank regularly like once a month or so to see if there might be any need for refilling
  • You must buy a drainage tubing which measures ½ inch internal diameter which unfortunately doesn’t come with the system. You can find this at any home improvement shop for a few dollars
  • The salt reservoir on this water softener system can be damaged easily,so make sure you secure the system firmly on a level ground so it won’t fall
  • It removes calcium which is very essential for the building of strong bones. So you might need a remineralization filter to add calcium back to the water. This might be an expense as well as this particular water system does not come with the remineralization filter. The remineralization filters are not expensive at all

Ideal for

  • Medium sized family of about 6 members or so
  •  Those with city water or well water that is moderately hard to very hard
  •  A home with not more than 3 bathrooms
  •  Homes of not more than 3000 square feet

Special notes

  • You should fill in the brine tank with some water before the very first recharge /regeneration
  • Before regeneration, the pressure of the water passing through your plumbing should be at least 20 psi and not more than 125 psi
  •  You must always ensure that the water softener system is depressurized before removing any connections for servicing
  • The system must not be subjected to temperatures below 0 Degrees Celsius or 32° F (Freezing) as this might compromise on the system’s functioning. If you stay in a cold area, it is advisable to warm the valves to room temperature before regeneration for optimum performance
  • Water flowing through the system at any given time should not exceed 43 degrees Celsius or 110 degrees Fahrenheit .Anything above the stipulated temperatures will compromise the system and eventually shorten its lifespan
  •  The system operates in 4 modes
    1. Meter immediate control-The system can be set to start regeneration once a certain amount of soft water has been used or simply passed through the system
    2. Meter delayed control
    3. Time Clock Delayed Control
    4. Day of the Week Control- Can be programmed to regenerate on a certain set date and specific time
    If the system misses regeneration due to power failure, regeneration will resume once power has been restored.

Installation instructions

  • A/C electricity is required beforehand for one to use the system. It uses 120 volts. So please check your voltage supply to see if it’s compatible with your water softener
  • Make sure your existing plumbing does not have any lime and iron build-up. If the pipes have lime build up, you have to replace them .If there is iron build up, then you can buy and install an iron filter before you install the water softener system. If the plumbing and fixtures have been clogged by iron build up, you can just replace the whole plumbing and fixtures before hooking up the water softener system up
  • To avoid system damage from falling, make sure you place the system on a level and firm base
  • For more detailed instructions on how you can install the system properly, read this guide  prepared by the manufacturer, Fleck

Troubleshooting the system

These are some of the most common problems that users frequently ask

Hard water

• There is no salt in the salt tank. You can solve this issue by refilling the brine tank with some more salt

The bypass valve is open. You can fix this by simply closing the bypass valve

The water softener system is using too much salt

The challenge might be caused by improper salt setting. To counter this challenge simply check the salt setting and usage

A significant reduction in water pressure

• This might be caused Iron build-up on the water pipe feeding the water softener system. To overcome this challenge, clean the pipes feeding the water system either by yourself or can engage a professional plumber who can actually do it better
• Reduction in water pressure  might also be caused by iron build-up in the water softening system itself. To avert this challenge, regeneration should be done more frequently

Water regeneration fails

• This pathetic situation which might actually render the softener useless is in most cases caused by interruption to power supply to the system. To get rid of this challenge, always make sure the electrical switch and fuse are working
• The timer might be malfunctioning. Replace the timer according to this manual provided by Fleck

Final Verdict

This easy to install water softening system eliminates all the hardness in your water by replacing calcium and magnesium with salt.

With all hardness minerals removed from your water, you should experience a smooth feel when bathing or washing your clothes.With the cost of maintaining the system being basically some bags of salt, you can expect to use about $120 only for the whole year in exchange of soft water flowing out of your faucet 365 days a year.

With an average rating of 4.5 from 445+ reviewers, the system is a top-notch invention from Fleck that really deserves to be a best water softener of the moment. My average rating of this system is 4.7 stars

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