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This free standing appliance from Primo is the best water dispenser for home use if you have some pets at home.It comes with many rare to find features and specifications. The rare to find features include the pet station, 3 temperature settings and unparalleled energy efficiency.

This unit is designed with your health in mind. The stainless steel reservoirs and BPA free components makes this unit the best water dispenser for health conscious families and individuals like me .The stainless steel makes it virtually impossible for bacteria to grow and proliferate.

In my quest to find the best water dispenser that is able to deliver to my expectations at a reasonable price, I found the Primo water dispenser .I was looking for features like child safety feature and good warranty.

How it works

The source water bottle is inverted and put onto the top of the unit .The probe system punctures the cap of the water bottle.

The probe assembly then channels water from the water bottle on top to the inside of the water dispenser for cooling or heating.

 The probe hanger or simply the leak guard is the water dispenser part that then ensures the assembly is not messed up with water spills.

As the water gets into the water dispenser, it is cooled down using the compression method which I described in detail in this other post. It takes about 1 hour or less to chill your water from the time of setting up the unit. On the other hand, water is heated using a heating element. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get hot water from the dispenser from the time you set it up.

The hot and cold water are stored in respective stainless steel reservoirs inside the unit.

The pet water is just water at room temperature.

Whenever you press on the cold water button on front of the unit, cold refreshing water oozes out of the dispenser into the glass. The same happens when you press the pet water button.

There is a little difference in the way the hot water is dispensed .First you have to press the hot water button upwards before you can push it down to release the hot water. This is to ensure that water is not dispensed accidentally when a child presses the button by mistake.

Whenever cold water is dispensed, the compressor is activated so as to cool more water to replenish the reservoir tank. The same happens when hot water is being replenished.

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  • Approximately  +-3 dogs can drink from the pet station comfortably
  • The flow rate of the icy cold water or hot water that comes out of this unit is above average
  • Your child is safe. This water dispenser comes with a child hot water safety.
  • The unit is the best water dispenser for those looking for a multipurpose system. It has both hot and cold water features.
  • Easy access for your pets. The pet bowl can be installed on the front, left or right side of the water dispenser.
  • It is easy to sanitize the unit. The water dispenser comes with a removable drip tray and pet bowl which can be washed safely in a dish washer.
  • Enjoy Bacteria free water. The internal water reservoir which is made out of premium grade stainless prevents the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms.
  • Cools and maintains the temperature of the cold water at 4.4 degrees Celsius or 40 Fahrenheit  .You are guaranteed to get refreshing and thirst quenching water all day long.
  • Can fit virtually all house layouts. The pet station can be installed in front, left or right side of the water dispenser.
  • 3 temperature settings. These are pet, cold as well as hot water. You can alternate between hot, cold and pet water at the click of a button.
  • There is no need for you to clean the hot and cold water reservoirs.
  • The buttons are child safe. The buttons too high for a little child to reach, it is the best water dispenser for parents with little kids.

To make the unit even safer for your kids, the hot water button has a safety feature. To dispense hot water; you must push the red button in an upward direction first and then push the dispenser button down. This complicated operation makes it hard for kids to figure out how the hot water is dispensed.


  • It is lightweight. Unlike bottom loading water dispensers that have complex parts such as pumps, this top loading machine has fewer parts, which in turn makes it light. It weighs only 32 pounds.
  • The probe hanger prevents water spills. When lifting the empty bottle from the water dispenser, the probe system is activated to prevent the little water left in the bottle from leaking by closing the mouth of the bottle automatically.
  • Uses less electricity than other models. This top loading water dispenser comes with an inbuilt gravity system that helps deliver water from the bottle to the dispenser without use of electricity. Unlike bottom loading water dispensers which use electricity for pumping water into the dispenser as well as heating and cooling the water, this particular bottom loading unit uses most electricity for heating and cooling only.This proves to be one of the best water dispenser for home use as we all need to cut our power bills at home as much as we can
  • Can use 3 or 5 gallon pre-filled water bottles. The capacity of the pre filled source water bottles is ideal for home or office use. You can also use others brands of 3 or 5 gallon water bottles
  • Unmatched high quality. The components used to make the unit are rigorously tested to ensure high quality.
  • It’s compact. It measures 11.8 inches long, 11.8 inches wide and 41.1 inches high. The pet station adds more 9.5 inches in front or side of the water dispenser, depending on your placement preference. This unit can fit into tight spaces in your home.
  • It is a fairly quiet machine. This unit does not make much noise .This is because the water dispenser doesn’t have a pump which is responsible for the noise produced by bottom loading water dispensers. The only little noise you can hear is when the reservoirs are replenished as you get a glass of water at night. This just lasts for about 30 seconds
  • It has night LED light. The dispensing area has a light to minimize the chances of spilling water at night.
  • Reasonably long power cable. The cable measures about 6 feet.
  • 1 Year warranty .The time the warranty covers is pretty descent


  • It is the best water dispenser you can buy if you are a dog owner
  • It is very durable as it is made out of stainless steel
  • It is light weight
  • There is no need to worry about maintaining any filters. Primo`s assumption is that you will buy filtered and purified Primo water at any of the 20 000 retail outlets.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing. The stainless steel blends in very well with most colors of your kitchen appliances.This feature makes it one of the best water dispenser for home use to date
  • The unit is BPA free. All water dispenser parts that come in contact with water are certified by FDA as BPA. High intake of BPA has been linked to infertility and other health complications. It is the best water dispenser for those who are conscious of their health
  • Save valuable space in your refrigerator. When drinking water is stored in the water dispenser and not in the refrigerator, there will be ample space left in the fridge for other food items. There won’t be any need for pitchers in the refrigerator just to get tasty icy cold drinking water.
  • Coupons provided with the purchase. Primo gives you a $5 off coupon for exchanging your empty bottles with new and filled water bottles .The water that comes with the prefilled bottle undergoes a 9 step purification process to ensure that you get healthy drinking water.

They also give you $2 off coupon for refilling your existing empty bottle with reverse osmosis water at over 20 000 retail outlets in the United States. The reverse osmosis water undergoes a 4 step purification process. When you refill your own bottles, you reduce waste thereby saving our beloved planet one bottle at a time.

  • It dispenses cold and hot water instantly. Because the water dispenser has got reservoir tanks for cold and hot water, dispensing icy cold and very hot water is instant. There is no need to wait because the chilled and hot water would have been stored in the reservoir tanks already.
  • It is compatible with USA power outlet. If you want to use it in United States, you can just use your regular electrical power outlet. It is designed for use in a 110 to 120 volt power outlet.
  • It cools water faster. From users’ experience, the water cools even faster than the owner manual says.
  • Operating the controls is damn easy. You can easily recognise the pet, cold and cold water temperature symbols.


  • The paw print tends to fade after a couple of weeks.
  • The pet bowl attachment not versatile. The unit comes with only one bowl. Primo could have made the unit even more versatile by making it possible to attach 3 pet bowls on the front and on the sides concurrently to cater for even more pets.So this unit might not be the best water dispenser for home use if you have pets
  • You have to use their pet bowl only. The water doesn’t release unless the Primo pet bowl is in place. So if you lose or break the pet bowl, you won’t be able to use a regular bowl until you get the Primo bowl.
  • The pet button is too close to the hot and cold buttons. Primo could have improved this by placing the pet button further away from the regular water buttons (hot and cold).Judging from the close proximity of the pet button to the regular water buttons, there are higher chances of accidentally pressing on the wrong button.
  • The 3 buttons (cold, hot and pet) of this unit aren’t backlit. There are high chances of you pressing the wrong button at night if the room doesn’t have light.

Special things to note

  • The 3 or 5 gallon water bottles are not provided with the purchase. Be prepared to buy your own water bottle at your nearest home improvement store.
  • To get cold or hot water, make sure the hot and cold switches are activated. To activate the hot and cold water functionalities, just push the top side of the respective switch.
  • To make sure that the water dispenser doesn’t make much noise, the unit should positioned on a level surface.
  • To keep the water dispenser from wobbling, make sure the dispenser is placed on a steady and level surface.
  • When going on vacation for more than a week and want to leave the unit behind, make sure you empty the reservoir .You have to unplug the unit from a power outlet and empty the reservoirs by dispensing the hot and cold water into a bucket until nothing is coming out Unplug the drain plug to have all remaining water removed completely.
  • The water dispenser should be cleaned every 3 months or so.
  • As a general principle, the spout and the controls should be cleaned every time you change the water bottle. This is to ensure that the unit continue to perform at its best .
  • It takes about 20 minutes from setup to dispensing hot water, which is very fast as compared to other models.
  • It takes about an hour or even less to dispense cold water from the time you set up the system.
  • The distance between the back of the dispenser and the wall should not be less than 4 inches. This allows air to flow freely between the unit and the wall. The same applies to the sides of the dispenser.
  • Never clean the water dispenser when the power is on.
  • The water dispenser should not be used outdoors. Use it indoors away from direct sunlight.

Final Verdict

Using such a water dispenser makes life so easy. You can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee without waiting for a long time. Who doesn’t like such convenience? It’s simply the best water dispenser for home use so far.

The fact that the water dispenser is not connected to municipal or well water pump makes me feel more relaxed knowing that I am drinking less harmful water.

The fact that water is channelled into this top loading dispenser by gravity, there is no need for a pump. A pump is the one that makes the most noise in bottom loading units. This unit is one of the quietest in its class.

The major downside of the unit is that the pet, cold and hot water buttons are not back lit. This makes it difficult to use the water dispenser at night without switching on the light of room.

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