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giantex water cooler dispenser review



The Giantex water cooler – heater dispenser is dubbed `the best water cooler on a tight budget` by many current and aspiring water cooler owners for its affordability coupled with decent features.

The North American headquartered company Giantex brought so many amazing high tech features on this unit that do not match the price. The price is incredibly low as compared to other competitors with the same features. The most striking features on the water dispenser are the hot and cold water functions.

If you are a prospective first time customer, you probably want to choose a water dispenser that is easy to use for a first time user like you. The Giantex water cooler dispenser won’t let you down on this one.

Ease of cleaning is one of the things that most prospective users look for. This water dispenser is designed in such a way that most parts can be detached and cleaned easily and reassembled back without any need of a technician. Clean parts ensure that you get only clean and drinkable water.

In the review below, I explain the details of the Giantex top loading water dispenser .

How it works

The Giantex is a top loading water dispenser .To get the Giantex water dispenser work, follow the steps below

Connect the water dispenser to a 120V power source. If the system is receiving power, the LED power indicator at the front will let you know.

Peel the label off the bottle. Carry the water bottle upside down onto the barrel/bottle seat

The probe will puncture a hole on the cap. The probe assembly ensures that there are no water spills during assembly

Water flows from the bottle on top of the dispenser into the system by gravity, no pump used to feed water into the system.

Turn on the cold and or hot water switch right at the back of the unit. The cold water switch is green in color and the hot water switch is red in color. If the switches are turned on, the respective LED indicators will let you know.

The 500 watt heating element heats the incoming water until it reaches 95 degrees Celsius. The hot water is then stored in the hot water reservoir tank

The compressor cools water down to 6 degrees Celsius. The cold water is stored in the cold water reservoir tank ready to refresh you all day long.

To dispense water, press either the hot or cold tap for piping hot water and icy cold water respectively.

As a safety measure, Giantex designed this system in such a way that you do not get burnt by hot water accidentally. This feature becomes handy when you have little children at home.

It takes between 10 to 60 minutes for the hot water to recover after use. This time frame depends on the amount of hot water that you would have dispensed out of the system.

If you dispense all the hot water in the tank, the full recovery time might be around an hour. If you dispense a 3rd of the tank`s capacity, you can do the math to come up with the full recovery time.

Maintaining the water dispenser is not that difficult ,checkout this step by step tutorial on how you can thoroughly clean your water dispenser like a pro


  • Child friendly appliance – The user friendly security lock on the hot water tap is designed to prevent accidentalburns to your children. I think you understand the importance of this feature if you have little kids at home, your children`s safety is guaranteed.
  • Easy to disassemble design –This makes it easy to clean the water barrel seat .A clean barrel seat ensures the hygiene of the water that you and your family drinks. You and your family will enjoy dust and gem free water all day long.
  • One of the best water cooler dispenser systems for first time users. The 3 lights that are located on the front of the unit makes it easy for first time users to understand the working status of the unit .The 3 lights are for indicating power , cold as well as hot water statuses .The digital screen on front of the unit simplifies its operation .
  • It has 2 temperature settings. The unit can dispense both hot and cold water. You can enjoy a glass of cold drinking water or a hot cup of coffee.
  • Versatile – You can use a universal water bottle with a capacity of 3 or 5 gallons.
  • Enjoy icy cold water. The efficient inbuilt low noise compressor cools down water to 6 degrees Celsius. Drinking water at this temperature refreshes your mind.
  • Enjoy piping hot water in an instant. The unit can heat water up to 95 degrees Celsius. The near boiling water is ideal for making a hot chocolate drink, a cup of coffee or ramen.
  • No water spills .The unit has a probe system .When replacing the water bottle, the probe punctures a hole in the cap and the probe assembly ensures that the assembly is clean.

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  • One of the best water cooler/heater systems for saving electricity and money –The unit has its own ON/OFF switches for cold and hot water.The switches are located at the back of the unit. The red switch is for turning ON/OFF the hot water feature. The green switch is turning ON/OFF the cold water feature. Having the ability to switch off the hot water ensures that you don’t heat the water over and over again all day long when there is no need for hot water. The net effect of this feature is that you save energy and money too.
  • Comes with a storage cabinet –This is ideal for storing your disposable cups to ensure drinking water hygiene in public places like offices; restaurants etc. You can also use this cabinet for storage of bottles with room temperature water. Some people prefer drinking water at room temperature.
  • The hot and cold water taps are durable and safe to use. You simply push down the tap to dispense piping hot water or icy cold water.
  • One of the best water cooler systems for bedroom use. Low noise compressor. The noise made by the compressor makes is not really enough to be noticeable. This makes it ideal for bedroom use. For you to enjoy your sleep very well, you don’t need to hear annoying noises.
  • Can be plugged into a standard 110V power outlet. You can use the dispenser right out of the box without any need of an electrician if you live in the US. If you want to use in Europe or in countries that follow European standards (220V), you better engage a professional electrician for that.
  • The cold water tank has a capacity of 3.2L.This is enough for about 6 people depending on your water drinking patterns.
  • The hot water tank has a capacity of 1 liter. Making a cup of coffee for about 2 people in an instant is damn easy with this unit.
  • It is a top loading water dispenser .Most top loading water dispensers are lightweight due to the absence of pumps which are common in bottom loading systems. The Giantex water dispenser weighs 20lbs .A bottom loading water dispenser of the same dimensions and capacity with the Giantex dispenser would weigh 5-10 pounds more.
  • Compact – The Giantex water cooler dispenser measures 11.8“ (Length) X 11.0“(Width) X 31.5“(Height).The unit is narrow, it can fit into tight spaces .    
  • Energy efficient. The Giantex water dispenser is a 500 Watt machine.            


  • Sturdy and stable enough to bear up to 5 gallon water bottle on the water barrel seat without cracking the unit
  • Enjoy clean and safe water – It is very easy to disassemble the hot and cold reservoir tanks. This makes it easy to clean and disinfect the tanks .It is very difficult for bacteria and gems to grow in the tanks.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Although the water dispenser is a low profile appliance, its white color blends perfectly into the background of your office, kitchen, lounge etc.
  • It is an US made product. US products undergo rigorous quality tests before entering the market. That is the reason why most people around the world prefer buying US made products like the Giantex water dispenser.
  • Affordable. It is one of the cheapest and functional water cooler-heater dispensers on the market so far.


  • The water dispenser does not come with a bottle; you have to buy one separately. The good part is that the Giantex water dispenser is compatible with most universal bottles found in home improvement stores near you.
  • The space to place a coffee cup or French press under the spout is not wideenough.Some users report that their coffee cups or French presses fell off when they set them. I think it also depends on the size of the coffee cup or French press used.
  • The flow rate isn’t that fast neither is it very slow
  • Most users report that the storage cabinet is not big enough for anything else besides a few small cups. Most users use the cabinet for storing small disposable cups anyway.
  • It is a bit difficult to read the instruction manual, the letters are very small. Hopefully they will improve on this one in the near future

Final Verdict

If you were looking for a decent water dispenser which is affordable, then you have found it. The Giantex is one of the best water cooler dispensers for those on a very tight budget .

If you see the price of the system before reading through the features it has, you will dismiss it as a substandard appliance. Its only after you would have read all the features it has that you will appreciate how underpriced the Giantex water dispenser is.

The Giantex water dispenser is one of the few water dispensers which can be used with universal water bottles .You can buy the replacement bottles from any grocery store near you.

The only major downside to the Giantex water dispenser is limited width under the spout. You will notice this issue when you try dispensing water into a very big coffee mug or French press. For most people who use normal sized cups, there is no issue at all.

I give this unit an overall score of 4.1/5

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