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The iconic InSinkErator contour hot water dispenser with filtration system is a product of a company which boasts of vast experience that dates back to as far as 1927.

How it works

It is a point of use water dispenser. The hot water tank is connected to the main water source of your home.

The top part of your sink should have a hole that can receive the faucet of the InSinkErator hot water dispenser system.

Mind you, the thickness of your counter or sink should not be more that 3 inches thick.

Just utilize holes on your existing sink top, provided you have an extra hole. If you don’t have any extra holes on your sink top, then engage a professional plumber to drill the hole on your behalf.

When the holes are drilled, it’s now time to set up the hot water dispenser system.

Insert the hot water dispenser spout through the sink`s hole .When the spout has been inserted, you can now tighten it in place using a large nut from underneath.

The next stage is to mount the hot water tank under the sink

You then need to connect the hot water tank to the water supply pipe using the fittings provided.

Once the tank has been mounted in place and connected to water supply, it is now time to connect the tank the faucet using the plastic tubes provided with the purchase.

When done with the installation, it’s time to connect the hot water tank system to a power outlet.

The incoming water is filtered by the F-1000 S filter before it is fed into the hot water tank. The filtration eliminates all odours, chlorine and other contaminants from your water.

The hot water tank starts working when connected to a power source .If there is no water is the tank; the dry-start protection feature automatically switches off the heating element to protect the system from burnout.

When there is water in the tank, the 750 watt element starts heating until the water reaches the set maximum temperature. The temperatures can be adjusted from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 210 Fahrenheit using the easy to use controls on the front of the water heating system.

When the water reaches the set max temperature, the standby mode is activated .This ensures that energy is not used unnecessarily .When in standby mode, the heating element uses less that 40 watts. The 40 watts used are just for maintaining the hot water at that set temperature throughout the day.

If you are still curious about how a water dispenser works,checkout my well detailed article on this topic


  • Space saver. It is the best hot water dispenser for those with limited kitchen space as you can easily install it under your kitchen counter. The 2/3 gallon capacity of the hot water tank makes the system compact.
  • Easy to use. The temperature control can be adjusted easily even by a first time user.
  • Do it yourself Installation. You can install the hot water dispenser from start to finish without any tools whatsoever. So you don’t have to worry about the cost of hiring a professional.
  • Outstanding warranty. The warranty comes in 2 parts, the 3 year one that covers the tank and the 1 year warranty that covers the filtration system.
  • Produces multipurpose water. The temperature of the water can be adjusted from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 210 degrees Fahrenheit .The water dispensed can be used to cook, drink, and clean as well as nurturing babies.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. The chrome finishused on the outer body of the unit blends quite well into most kitchen decors. Chrome is bright and shiny. The streamlined and low profile design of the faucets adds so much to the aesthetics.
  • Safety guaranteed. The self-closing safety hot valve feature makes the system very safe for use especially for children.
  • Fast recovery time .After dispensing water from the hot water dispenser, it takes a very short time for water inside the tanks to come to an almost boiling point. This is mainly because of the compact size of the tank.
  • The filter is NSF 42 certified. The InSinkErator F-1000S is certified to reduce aesthetic impurities such as chlorine, particles and odours.


  • Compact. The hot water dispenser tank has a capacity of 2/3 gallon. This capacity is enough for most household uses like cooking and preparation of beverages. This capacity also allows the system to heat the water inside as quickly as possible.

The whole measures 6.75 inches X 6.25 inches X 11 inches.

  • Durable appliance for years of dependable service. The stainless steel was used to construct the tank to ensure a longer life. Stainless steel is known to be resistant to corrosion.
  • It is light weight. It weighs only 7.28 pounds.


  • The most energy efficient and money saving appliance in its class .The hot water dispenser consumes less electrical energy than a 40 watt light bulb during standby. Such low energy consumption helps keep your energy bill down.
  • Saves time. The unit dispenses near boiling water on demand. This translates to shorter cooking time as this eliminates the need to heat water first before you start cooking.
  • Peace of mind guaranteed. The unit comes with dry start protection feature. This automated function prevents tank burnout if you dry start your hot water dispenser .by mistake. In simple terms what I am saying here is that the unit stops working when there isn’t enough water in the reservoir tank
  • Enjoy great tasting water. The F-1000S filter that comes with the unit effectively removes chlorine and other particles that affect the taste of water. Great tasting water also ensures that the taste of your food and beverages is not affected as well.


  • It doesn’t come with a faucet. You have to buy the compatible faucet separately. The price of buying the faucet is more expensive than the hot water tank + filter. If you still need to experience all the features and benefits of using this particular hot water dispenser minus the filtration system, then check the best alternative featured below.
  • The tank might be small for high water demanding chores at work or commercial level, it is more ideal for home use.

Important things to note

  • Make sure you have a powered outlet under the counter/sink.
  • Faucet/dispenser is not included with the unit, so make sure you buy your own compatible faucet like this one on Amazon. You can alternatively buy the same model with a faucet but without the filtration system at a much lower price on Amazon, that is if your source water doesn’t have chlorine and other contaminants that affect the taste of your water.
  • To install the hot water dispenser smoothly, make sure the thickness of your counter doesn’t exceed 3 inches.
  • The incoming source water should have a pressure of between 30psi to 125 psi for optimum performance.
  • You cannot use any other filter brand on the unit other than InSinkErator filters.
  • If you are going on a long vacation, you are advised to unplug the unit from the power outlet. The hot water dispenser doesn’t have an ON/OFF switch.

What is the best alternative to this product

Although the InSinkErator hot water tank with filtration system is the best hot water dispenser for hot and highly purified water, it is a little bit expensive .The hot water tank doesn’t come with a faucet. You have to buy a separate faucet which might even cost more than the price of the hot water tank itself.

The InSinkErator contour Instant hot water dispenser without a filter.

  • The alternative is almost the same as the + Filter model. There are a few differences between the alternative hot water dispenser and its cousin which I reviewed in length above .I will outline the differences below.
  • The main difference is that the +Filter model has got a filter and the alternative dispenser doesn’t have a filter.
  • The other significant difference is that the +Filter model doesn’t come with a faucet and yet the alternative hot water dispenser comes with a faucet .Buying the faucet separately might actually cost you more than buying the +Filter model.
  • The other difference between the +Filter unit and the alternative is that the hot water dispenser with filter is made out of chrome and stainless steel whereas the cheaper alternative is made out of stainless steel only. Chrome makes the +Filter model much lighter than the alternative hot water dispenser which is made out of .stainless steel only
  • The cheaper alternative has got a chrome finish on the outside which makes it aesthetically pleasing.
  • This alternative unit is the best hot water dispenser for those who have clean water that doesn’t need filtration.

Final verdict

I always wondered why the InSinkErator dispenser is always rated as the best water dispenser by many customers, I now have the answer.

This stainless steel and chrome built hot water dispenser is very durable, you can even use it for decades. The stainless steel that is used to make the hot water tank is resistant to corrosion. The chrome that is used to build the body of the unit is very durable and yet very light.

The 3 year warranty gives peace of mind for every existing and prospective customer like you.

Safety is always guaranteed with this unit. If you switch the unit when there is no water inside the tank, the dry protection function is engaged to switch off the system.

The only downside of the unit is that it doesn’t come with a faucet. Buying a compatible faucet might be very pricey, the faucet might even cost more than the hot water tank and filter combined.

Overall, this appliance is a top notch hot water dispenser which is innovative and steady. I give this unit an overall score of 4.6/5

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