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best home water distiller

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With so many water distillers out there, it is difficult to find the best home water distiller that produces enough water at a reasonable price.


In my quest to find a water distillation system that can provide me with enough clean and soft water for the whole day and affordable, I found the Megahome home water distiller, a top notch counter-top system with amazing features.

The Megahome water distiller MH943SBS model has been selling on most online marketplaces since 2005 and still remains the best home water distiller of all time.

The Megahome MH943SBS water distiller is one of the very few Underwriters Laboratory approved distillers you can find to date. Underwriters Laboratory is an independent science safety company that is trusted globally to certify product compliance with stringent safety standards.

About the manufacturer

Having been formed in 1992, Megahome has around 27 years of experience under its belt, proven and tested to be the best home water distiller manufacturer indeed. The company has been manufacturing and distributing the MH943 model since 1993.

The MH943 model is the only model Megahome has been producing since its formation. The MH943 model has undergone some changes and modifications over the years to make it the best home water distiller to date.

How to use Megahome water distiller

The first thing to do is to pour water to an acceptable mark.

Turn on the switch where the Megahome distiller is connected. As the water distiller is turned on, the temperature of the water inside the boiling chamber increases to 100 degrees Celsius or 112 Fahrenheit, the boiling temperature of water. At this temperature, all bacteria and micro-organisms will die.

As the water reaches a boiling point, a vapor is formed .As the vapour rises, all the dead parasites, bacteria and impurities are left behind in the boiling water.

The stainless steel cooling system condenses the vapour back into liquid state.

The pure liquid (distillate) is then collected in a glass collection bottle ready for drinking or other purposes that require the purest water.

When the water distillation cycle is finished, the distiller will turn off automatically.

To get in depth knowledge on how water distillation works, visit my well researched article on water distillation.


  • Top condensing unit is the one that cools down the steam and converting it back to water.
  • The distiller body is the one that houses the boiling chamber and the heater.The boiling chamber is made out of stainless steel, it is very durable. The heater is located at the base of the distiller body.
  • The product fully complies with the US and Canada standards. It uses between 110-120 volts.
  • To ensure that you get the best and purest water from your home water distiller for years, the Megahome water distiller comes with a cleaner to clean out all residues from the boiler chamber .The residue cleaner weighs only 8 oz
  • It comes with 6 activated charcoal filters. Activated charcoal is the one that filters VOCs like chlorine, chloramine and toxins out of your distilled water.

This proves that this system is one of the best home water distiller as other distillers of its size do not come with activated charcoal filters.

The activated charcoal filter ensures that your water is in its purest form.

  • It has wattage of 580 watts
  • It does not come with a battery neither does it need a battery. It uses A/C power only. Just like most distillers on the market, it can only work when there is electricity, it does not have internal power back up.

So this is not the best home water distiller for those living in the countryside where there is no connection to the grid.

It weighs almost 5 kilograms or 11 pounds. The packaging material adds almost 3 pounds; the final shipping weight in most cases is almost 14 pounds or ~6kgs.

  • Dimensions are 25.4cm (10 inches) long, 25.4cm (10 inches) wide and 35.56 cm (14 inches) high
  • 1 year warranty that covers the parts and repair
  • The glass collection bottle ensures that you get the purest and cleanest water from your Megahome water distiller.


  • When being built, each water distiller is individually tested to ensure your safety
  • Can make 1 gallon of pure distilled water in 5.5 hrs. With this capacity, a family of not more than 3 members is guaranteed to have clean drinking water all day long.
  • The nozzle ensures that there are no water messes.


  • It is certified to be very safe to use at home .It passed quality tests by Underwriters Laboratory. So you should be rest assured that you are buying the best home water distiller that has been improved over and over for more than 20 years.
  • The 1 year warranty gives you peace of mind. The warranty covers the parts and the labor for replacing those parts. Terms and conditions apply of course.
  • It is durable. Around 90 % of the parts are made out of stainless steel. The boiling chamber, upper cover, and condensing coils are all made out of stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel doesn’t corrode that easy as compared to other metals.
  • The other advantage of using stainless steel especially for the inside parts is that water won’t touch plastic.
  • The plastic spigot has a glass insert, so your water won’t get into contact with plastic at all.
  • The ability of plastic to leach component material into the water might have a negative effect on one’s development and reproductive health
  • Aesthetically pleasing .The outer stainless steel shell of the body makes it an attractive and durable water purification gadget that you will be proud to own.
  • Save a significant amount of money. In the US, the estimated cost of producing a gallon of distilled water using the Megahome water distiller is around 25 cents only.
  • Buying distilled water from a grocery store in the US costs from $2 per gallon for the cheaper brands to around $9 for the more premium brands. So do the math, you can tell how much you would have saved.
  • Eco-friendly. Have you ever imagined how much damage you do to the environment when you throw your used plastic water bottles away?
  • Become a champion of environment conservation by eliminating plastic bottles from your life. If you care about the environment, then you should consider buying your own water distiller for home use.
  • This unit removes around 99.99% of Bacteria, viruses, toxins, fluoride and all impurities found in regular tap water.
  • It is a user friendly unit, all you need to do is to fill the boiling chamber and then switch it ON from the mains. Once finished, it switches off automatically. It is the best home water distiller for people with very busy schedules, who can’t wait for 5.5 hours to switch off the unit.
  • It has an intuitive design, an easy to use and understand design. So it is easy to troubleshoot and in most cases fix problems that might develop on the system.
  • Say good bye to hard water problems. Water distillation removes all the water hardening minerals (calcium and magnesium) out of your distilled water.
  • Improves the health of your hair. The Megahome water distiller removes the water hardening minerals which inhibits the optimal absorption of hair care products.
  • Cooking becomes faster and economical. Because water distillation removes water hardening minerals, the soft water (distilled water) boils faster than regular tap water. This translates to more faster and energy saving cooking.
  • Ease of transportation.Its compact size and light weight makes it very easy to move the home water distiller from one place to another. It is the best home water distiller for those who are constantly on the move and those with tight spaces.


  • Does not have an ON/OFF button of its own. The water distiller is turned on the moment you plug it to the mains.
  • If you decide to switch off the water distiller before it switches off automatically, you have to pull out the plug from the mains.
  • I personally think that Megahome should explicitly disclose it to their potential customers that their water distiller does not have an ON/OFF switch of its own. Although the ON/OFF feature is good to be there, the feature is rarely used in normal cases.
  • It is slow as compared to other counter-top home water distillers.
  • Its light weight makes it easy to fall from a counter-top to the ground as compared to other water distillers which are heavier. Make sure you dot put the water distiller close to the edges of the counter-top.
  • Only for those connected to the grid. The system does not use DC current (batteries) but A/C current.
  • The water distiller is too small to produce water for bathing or other household uses other than drinking.

Ideal for

  • A household of about 3 people.If you are looking for a water distillation which ca service more than 3 and up to 6 people ,then check out the Durastill 4640 water distiller
  • Those who want small amounts of up to 4 gallons per day (although practically you can make up to 3 gallons max).
  • Those who are patient enough! It takes about 5.5 hours to fill a single gallon with distilled water, so you guess how patient you should be.
  • Small laboratory experiments.

Maintenance of the home water distiller

No special maintenance needed for the water distiller to function properly.

You should avoid overheating the unit .Make sure you let it cool down between uses. Overheating it shortens its lifespan.

You can clean out the residues like once a month or so as to maintain its efficiency. Some prefer to wash out the residue once every week, which is even better if you can afford to do it that frequent. But if you can’t do it that frequent, just clean it out at least once a month.

To clean the boiling chamber, use the residue cleaner that comes with the Megahome water distiller.

Alternatively use running water and 2 or 3 cups of vinegar for a thorough cleanse of the boiling chamber. You shouldn’t drink the vinegar of course.

The outer chamber can be cleaned very easy. Just use regular dish washer to clean the outer chamber.

Daily maintenance involves rinsing, wiping out and restarting.

Make sure the water distiller is placed on a stable base and secured to avoid dropping it to the floor. Dropping the unit might break the spigot. If it happens that you break the spigot, don’t worry; it can be replaced easy and cheap.

The glass jar is a bit thin and fragile, so be careful not to drop it to the floor.

best home water distiller megahome  water distiller

Final verdict

The Taiwan made distiller has proven to be the best home water distiller of all time. The stainless steel parts makes this unit aesthetically pleasing and durable, I think this is the great selling feature of the unit.

The one year guarantee ensures that you won’t fork out any cent again for the next 12 months to buy or repair the water distillation unit. Terms and conditions apply of course.

The only major downside in my opinion is its lack of an ON/OFF button of its own. In my humble opinion I think any electrical or electronic gadget should have a switch of its own. To some people who analyse things too much, it might signal that the product is unpolished, which is not true as this unit has won the hearts of many.

Anyways, the ON/OFF button feature is rarely used by most people.

Despite its few and insignificant flaws, i can safely certify this unit as the best home water distiller for those who want soft and pure water.

I give this water distillation unit an overall rating of 4.7 stars.

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