About Us

This site started when there was a cholera outbreak in my home country.It was in August 2018 when approximately 50 people succumbed to cholera in a matter of 3 weeks. Iam glad that my home town(Bulawayo),a town south of Zimbabwean capital Harare, was safe from this pandemic.

I started researching about water purification methods a lot as i wanted to share that information with as many people as i could before the deadly disease killed many.

In the process of searching for solutions to infected water and everything to do with safe water,i came across a term which fascinated me a lot,and that term was soft water. I had to learn that good water was not just pure but also soft.I started learning about the negative effects of hard water on plumbing and water using appliances

During that month of August i dropped my initial idea of establishing a water purification blog and became engrossed in soft water technologies.I became a soft water expert in a month or so.From that time on,i haven’t looked back.

After i had gathered a lot of information on soft water,i started writing content for this blog in January 2019.

Iam a qualified pharmacy technician,so i understand the science of chemicals very well.So my blog posts shows that i am not someone who is just fascinated by water softeners but someone who understand the science behind it very well

Enjoy reading my blog posts and recommendations .I review water softeners manufactured in the United Stated Of America most of the time.The reason being that Americans are very good at maintaining good standards as far as their manufacturing practices are concerned

My name is Blessing Sanyanga and i am fascinated by anything and everything tech.

I am also an ardent cricket supporter .